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1/2 in.Strain Relief with 1 Round Hole

1/2 in.Strain Relief with 1 Round Hole
1/2 in.Strain Relief with 1 Round Hole
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Strain Reliefs

Use the 1/2" threaded connectors to provide a waterproof entrance or exit for wiring on PV module junction boxes, outdoor combiner boxes, and junction boxes. Use the 3/4"connector for larger cables up to 5/8"diameter. They are made of Nylon with Buna-N seals and are resistant to salt water, weak acids, weak alkalis, alcohol, ether, esters, ketones, and mineral, animal and vegetable oils. The threads are 1/2"or 3/4"NPT. Non-corrosive and suitable for direct burial installations. The two-hole 1/2"connector is designed for use with two #10 or #12 type USE conductors, OR PV wire like the ones used for MultiContact PV output cables. UL listed. Suitable for use in NEMA 4, 6 and 12 applications. Locknuts are included with 1/2" strain reliefs.

3/4" One Hole Strain Relief
3/4 in. Single Hole Strain Relief (holds cable 0.4 - 0.7 inches in cross section)

1/2" Two Hole Strain Relief
1/2 Inch 2 Hole Strain Relief with Lock Nut (holds USE or PV #12 & #10)



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Is what it is...


..but I still have to go to the local hardware store to get the locking ring, which also has these for cheaper, so it essentially defeats the purpose of buying them here. Supply a $.10 locking ring with these AltE, it just makes sense...

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