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Homebrew Wind Power

Homebrew Wind Power
Homebrew Wind Power
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EDUHOMEBREWWIND ISBN 978-0-9819201-0-8

Buckville wind turbineHomebrew Wind Power
A Hands-On Guide to Harnessing the Wind

Dan Bartmann & Dan Fink

Edition: Paperback
Format: full-color photographs, illustrations
Pages: 8 x 10, 320 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9819201-0-8
Publisher: Buckville Publications LLC

Homebrew Wind Power windpowerHave you ever wondered how wind turbines work and why they look like they do? Are you interested in adding wind power to your off-grid electric system, but have been put off by the high cost of equipment and installation? Well, now you can build and install your own wind turbine!

Harnessing the wind can be a tricky business, but in this groundbreaking book the authors provide step-by-step, illustrated instructions for building a wind generator in a home workshop. Even if you don't plan on building your own turbine, this book is packed with valuable information for anyone considering wind energy. It covers the basic physics of how the energy in moving air is turned into electricity, and most importantly, will give you a realistic idea of what wind energy can do for you--and what it can't.

"A well-crafted blend of theory and practical information for all who want to build a quiet, efficient, and economical wind turbine to achieve greater energy independence and reduce their carbon footprint. These guys know their stuff and know how to convey it in a clear, concise, understandable, and humorous fashion." --Dan Chiras, PhD, author of Power from the Wind, The Homeowner's Guide to Renewable Energy, The Solar House, Green Home Improvement, and more.

"If you've ever thought the wind could be as productive as it is annoying, get this remarkable book, apply its clear-cut principles and procedures, and brew up a wind turbine. In their clever and amusing way, Dan and Dan show you how to power your house with the same forces that rattle the windowpanes. Buy it--it's the only book of its kind on planet Earth!" --Rex Ewing, author of Power with Nature, Got Sun? Go Solar, Hydrogen-Hot Stuff, Cool Science, and more.

"The Otherpower Dans and their crew learn more in their sleep about building good wind generators than the rest of us learn in the daylight. If you want to be able to build simple, robust, and productive wind turbines awake or asleep, buy this book!" --Ian Woofenden, Senior Editor, Home Power Magazine; NW and Costa Rica coordinator, Solar Energy International, wind energy abuser.

About the Authors
Authors Dan Bartmann and Dan Fink have been building wind turbines for two decades in their remote, off- grid Northern Colorado community. The Dans are frequent contributors to national renewable energy magazines such as Home Power and Back Home, and are dedicated to renewable energy education through their website www.Otherpower.com and new local publishing company Buckville Publications LLC. They and the Otherpower staff also teach hands-on seminars about wind turbine construction around the US and the world, including at their shop high in the mountains West of Fort Collins, Colorado, and every year at the Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Fair in Fort Collins.

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