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Educational Video: Solar Air Heating Basics

Educational Video: Solar Air Heating Basics
Educational Video: Solar Air Heating Basics
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WEBAIRHEATBASIC AltE Solar Air Heating Basics

The Solar Air Heating webinar will introduce you to one of the most economical and user-friendly renewable energies available: Solar Hot Air. We have all experienced the trapped heat in a vehicle left in the sun. Solar hot air collection systems work in a similar manner - but they move that air and send it into your home, workshop, garage, cabin, business, etc., as supplementary heat. This webinar will explain the basics of how a solar air heating system can help supply your home with "free" heat and reduce your energy bills.

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Heating Renewable Energy Systems, energy efficiency concepts and how to determine the feasibility and system size requirements of a solar air heating system for your situation.

After watching, you will have:

  • A functional understanding of solar air heating systems
  • An overview of the system components involved
  • Respect for the importance of energy efficiency when considering renewable energy systems
  • An introduction to the basic concepts of:
    • System feasibility
    • Site analysis
    • Collector placement
    • System sizing

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Just heard today!


I was introduced to these systems today! I was told about them at lunch and they seem to just make sense! I searched the web to find manufacturers and I stumbled upon this site! lots of great info here and the video was most informative without being loaded with technical specifications and the l...
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Excellent Review of Benefits and Considerations


Living in the desert, I viewed this webinar last, thinking it had less value than PV or thermal hot water. While that assumption may still be true, I learned about several new issues and options that are important to the evaluation. Thanks to altE for preparing these educational resources! Fast t...
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Great video


I thoroughly enjoyed this video. It had a ton of useful information and inspired me to get the ball rolling on my renewable energy projects!

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