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James Johnson

Bogart Engineering TM-2020 TriMetric Meter Battery Monitor

Written August 31, 2008

A Must Have

The days of checking with a voltmeter are over for me. After installing this monitor I wondered why I didn't get one in the 1st place. I've heard others in the forums making the same statement but I could not justify the "cost" of a monitor like this. Well...that opinion is out the window now for sure. This should be one of the 1st things purchased when setting up a new system. I have a VERY small starting system of only (2) 40 watt panels and (1) 20 watt panel. My battery bank is only 64ah (2x32ah batteries), but the Trimetric will grow with me as I expand my system. I won't need another monitor further down the road. The set-up is extremely easy, especially if you get a Trimetric wiring kit along with the meter. It tells you so much more than battery % from full things like: amps in, current battery voltage, amps out..etc..etc..so you can instantly see how your solar array is doing, and see exactly how much current is being drawn from the battery at any given time. This is especially good, when you want to know exactly how much load specific items take.

Very Highly recommended..don't forget to get a shunt with it.


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