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Bogart Engineering TM-2020 TriMetric Meter Battery MonitorWrite a review

Stand-alone PV by Rob Comeau
Date Added: January 03, 2010
I installed a 1.02KW PV system at my house this fall.It consists of (6) 170W, 24V Sharp panels, (6) 100Ah AGM Deep cycle batteries, 3000W inverter, transfer switch, six space alternative energy panel etc.
With the use of this battery monitor I was able to program the charge controller to disconnect and reconnect the inverter so the batteries would not discharge below 50%. Voltage readings are way off when charging or when under a load. I also like seeing how many amps are going in or out of the battery bank. It tell you a lot of other stuff too.
Now I know that the batteries are being maintained properly and it is no longer a mystery as to what the magic number is for that transfer switch to automatically go to house power.
Have fun, I am
Great Meter by Kenneth Viar
Date Added: December 15, 2010
I bought this last spring It tells Me everything I need to know I wish I would of bought on earlier Great product I rate a 5
Tm-2020 by Joseph Iocona Jr
Date Added: December 27, 2006
All I can say is that is is the best piece of equipment that I have put in my 2006 Lance Max. Now I dont just run my Gen Set to charge with out knowing how far down my batteries are or how much amps my equipment is pulling. I just love it. Now I can tell my Girlfriend thats it time to turn off her hair dryer while dry camper, just love it I really do.

Oh yea it was a breeze to install just make sure you get the larger size (500W) shunn

Excelent Product by Josh Muckley
Date Added: December 27, 2006
I've installed this product in my sailboat and am very pleased with the operation. The battery monitor is very simple to operate and works exactly as described every time. I was even able to install it as a flush mount unit. It is completely unobtrusive. I really like being able to see exactly what is going in and coming out of my batteries. This is definitely something that I will continue to use for this and future boats.
Great product!! by Joseph Saunders
Date Added: January 18, 2007
Installed this in my little RV along with a couple Trojan T105 flooded lead acid batteries. It was straight forward to install and it works very well. There is also lots of good documentaion on the bogart engineering website (the manufacturer) related to power monitoring. This meter gives all the data you need to properly monitor and get the most life your deepcycle batteries. Good battery monitoring and battery bank sizing allowed me to boondock in the rockies for 5 days at a time with no generatoror solar panels...

-Joe Saunders
Santa Cruz CA
Date Added: April 26, 2007
The Trimetric Battery monitor is great! I was expecting a simple voltmeter/ammeter, but it is so much more.

The "% full" feature is great for the family, because anybody can read it and know the remaining capacity. The additional readings, allow me to know exacly how many AH are needed to fill the batteries and how long since they were full, etc. I now consider it to be a necessary part of all R/E systems. I highly recomend it.
Super Meter by DENNIS FAST
Date Added: August 11, 2008
Used meter while boondocking to keep batteries up over a period of three weeks. Worked great! Lots of info. Could make adjustments when I did driving between sites and it took the motor generation charging into account so I got to run RV genny less. Highly recommended. Easy installation of about 1 hour. Bonus was that I found leak in water system while installing wiring for box and fixed it before any damage was done.
A must for every RV by Chad Lee
Date Added: November 28, 2007
If you own an RV and do any dry camping at all, get this monitor and it will take all the guess work out of amp hours remaining in your batteries. Plus you will know exactly when your battery is fully charged afterwards. Buy now and be sure to get the cable too.
A Must Have by James Johnson
Date Added: August 31, 2008
The days of checking with a voltmeter are over for me. After installing this monitor I wondered why I didn't get one in the 1st place. I've heard others in the forums making the same statement but I could not justify the "cost" of a monitor like this. Well...that opinion is out the window now for sure. This should be one of the 1st things purchased when setting up a new system. I have a VERY small starting system of only (2) 40 watt panels and (1) 20 watt panel. My battery bank is only 64ah (2x32ah batteries), but the Trimetric will grow with me as I expand my system. I won't need another monitor further down the road. The set-up is extremely easy, especially if you get a Trimetric wiring kit along with the meter. It tells you so much more than battery % from full things like: amps in, current battery voltage, amps out..etc..etc..so you can instantly see how your solar array is doing, and see exactly how much current is being drawn from the battery at any given time. This is especially good, when you want to know exactly how much load specific items take.

Very Highly recommended..don't forget to get a shunt with it.

RV use by Steve Garrett
Date Added: November 09, 2008
I installed one in my RV that has 3 solar panels. Now I know just what my panels and batteries are doing! This unit tells a lot of info about the whole system. No more problems when dry camping. Great thing to have.
Easy to Install by Craig Flanders
Date Added: September 07, 2006
Easily installed in 30 Minutes (including running the twisted pair). Many useful functions, had to read the small manual closley to get the drift, but finally got it......
Must have for off grid by Jerry Marconi
Date Added: December 28, 2006
I just purchased my Trimetric meter before installing a Bergey 1.0 wind turbine. This product has been extremely helpful in analyzing the production from the wind turbine and my solar array. Also, my wife can easily understand the %full on the battery funcion as well as the loads being applied to the system. Highly recommended for anyone who is "off grid"
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