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Bogart Engineering PM-5000-U PentaMetric Input UnitWrite a review

pentametric by David Kesslar
Date Added: December 11, 2007
I purchased all three parts to this meter, and it works great. I'm looking forward to installing my micro-hydro system in the spring so it can monitor it as well.
I've set the relay up to automatically start my generator, a great addition, works great.
Not sure why the computer interface does not come in some type of enclosure, but i was able to make one up.
Other than that, i love it.
PentaMetric by Deon Ramey
Date Added: July 12, 2009
I purchaesed the PentaMetric input unit and the computer interface unit. I am using the USB port. The computer inerface unit uses the RS232 port. This required me to buy an RS232 to USB converter at Radio Shack. Since I am using the USB port, I down loaded the PMcomm77 software. It worked but there was a glitch in it. It cycled between port open and idle to receiving dataevery few sconds. Every minute or so it would lock up. I would get an error message and given a choice between continue receiving data or stopping to fix the problem. I picked continue. It would work for while and then freeze up again. I decided to download the PMComm829 software. This works great. No more freeze ups! This software is for either USB or Ethernet connection. I am using the relay output to control 2 relays to switch back and forth between batteries and ac grid. When the batteries are fully charged, the relays are activated which connects the loads to the inverter and batteries. When the batteries get down to 60% charge, the relays deactivate, which hands over the loads to the ac grid. Then after the solar panels have completly recharged the batteries, the loads are again handed over the the batteries and inverter. This cycle continues on. I am using the transfere relay in the inverter and an ac grid activated relay also. I am still learning how to set the values in the input unit. For some reason, the computer interface does not come in an encloser. I bought a plastic and metal box at Radio Shack to mount the circuit board in. Some day, I might buy the output unit so I will have the alarm and notice sounds. The computer interface does not have this. Overall, I am pleased with this product and would recommend to to anyone who wants more capability in thier battery monitor.
Date Added: January 18, 2013
I have the pentametric paired with the Ethernet unit on my small (125 watt) off grid system. For starters, Id like to compliment bogart for making it here in the US. Thats actually one of the reasons I chose it over the Xantrex link pro line. Wiring it up took a while because of how advanced this thing is. I have two 500 amp shunts (one measuring total battery in/out and the other measuring solar in). After getting it working I have to say I am very impressed with how much data this can supply you with and how accurate it is. The only problem I have with it is that it wont calculate solar watts. It can tell me how many amps are going in, but it wont multiply that by the voltage to calculate watts. Other than that, it seems to do its job. Ill write a second review on the Ethernet unit on its page instead of with the input unit. If I fix the wattage issue after I contact bogart Ill change this review to reflect it.
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