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Bogart Engineering 22 Gauge 4 Wire Twisted Pair Cable Kit, 50ftWrite a review

Bogart Wire Kit by EVERETT SMITH
Date Added: April 08, 2008
This is probably a good purchase with your Trimetric meter. Twisted pair wire is not that easy to find locally, and it would probably cost as much as this if you did find it. Twisted pair wire probably helps reduce meter errors caused by current induced by all that other electrical stuff that is no doubt running nearby. Good to have the meter fused too.
Date Added: November 28, 2007
Get this cable and it makes your install go super fast, super smooth, and super clean.
makes install a breeze by James Johnson
Date Added: August 31, 2008
might seem frivolous to purchase this, but the time it saves you when wiring up the Trimetric more than makes up for it. Makes install super easy and super clean.
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