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David Brunson

BLS-48-A Desulfator for Renewable Energy Systems

Written December 28, 2006

Review BLS-48 Battery Saver

I have a restored 1981 electric Comuta-car with a 48 volt battery system that I drive everyday. After a year on my eight six volt T-125s, I had two that just would not charge above 6.2 volts (_80 percent charge) while the others would go to around 6.25-6.34. Within two weeks of installing the desulfator, my low ones are back up to 6.34 while my other ones are up to 6.37-6.38. That's appears to be pretty much back to full potential again according to the battery specifications. This little gadget seems to be working exactly as advertised. Thanks.

David Brunson, Springfield, IL

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