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Composters & Composting Toilets

Composting is fun and easy! Whether you own or rent, if you aren't composting yet, you are missing out on a great opportunity to reduce landfill waste and feed your garden with rich, black compost. Did you know that you can compost yard waste, weeds, kitchen scraps and even your restroom visits with the right composter? Your plants and your planet will thank you for taking up this simple, environment saving and garden enriching hobby. The Alt-E Store provides an excellent sample of the best composting products on the market.

We currently offer composting toilets and composters for the garden. Some composting toilets are "self-contained" (a.k.a. Standalone ) units that don't even require water. Some units are even non electric. These look a bit different from a traditional toilet because the compost is collected in a drum within the unit and can be accessed when it's ready to be used. These stand alone units are ideal for cabins or even houses that could use an extra bathroom - without the work and cost of extra plumbing. Imagine having an additional "powder room" for only $2000. There is even a mobile version of the stand alone toilet made for RVs and boats. Other composting options include Whole House System. These systems are composed of a toilet and a separate composting unit, which is usually placed below it in the basement. These toilets look like regular toilets and can be waterless or low flow (1 pint flush) toilets. A whole house system for a family of 6 is about $2000. The amount you'll be lessening your environmental impact is worth much more than that!

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Be sure to do your homework to make the most of your composting. Although it is relatively easy, in order to produce top quality compost, you will want to pay attention to the moisture level and content. You may want to add Sun-Mar Compost Sure Bulking Material. It consists of coarse peat moss and chopped hemp stalk to aid in the decomposition. The proper compost consistency aids the break down of material, as does proper ventilation. A small DC powered fan that can be run using a small solar panel and battery can accelerate airflow in all non-electric units. It comes pre-installed in an 11" piece of 4" diameter vent pipe so that it will fit inline in your vent stack. It also protects against downdraft and increases the evaporative performance of your non-electric unit by about 10 to 15%.

If your needs do not call for a new toilet, perhaps you would consider composting food and garden scraps to enrich your soil and also reduce waste. No matter where you live, Sun-Mar Garden Composters make composting convenient. The design keeps animals out of the compost and allows you to easily turn your compost as needed - no shovel needed! Keep in mind that some garden composters can weigh 60 pounds empty and hold 100 gallons or more of compost. That is a lot of compost!

What is compost? Compost is made up of decomposed organic material that can come from your kitchen or your garden. The best compost is made up of organic material from plant sources. Keep meat meats and dairy products out of your compost because they will attract unwanted pests. Compost is widely used in gardening as a rich soil additive. Here at the Alt-E Store we encourage composting by offering the perfect compost bin and a selection of composting toilets for installation in the home. These environmentally friendly, well designed and high tech composters help the environment, offer real value and give you the perfect place to dump garden weeds, fall leaves and table scraps you don't want to waste in the garbage. If you recycle paper, plastics and aluminum, you are ready for compost!

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