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Sunwize 3150W,240V IG3000 Grid Tie Sys

Sunwize 3150W,240V IG3000 Grid Tie Sys
Sunwize 3150W,240V IG3000 Grid Tie Sys
Item code Model number
SUWGTS342 999GTS342
This packaged system features NT-175U1 solar modules, 18 Racks, a Fronius IG3000 2.7kW / 240V inverter, and all the mounting structures and electrical components necessary for convenient installation.

Electrical installation must be performed by a qualified electrical contractor. The contractor needs to be familiar with wiring methods and electrical equipment associated with 120/240VAC and 600VDC electrical circuits.
  • State licensed electrical contractor (a must)
  • NABCEP certified installer (preferrable)


SunWize TechnologiesSunWize
Residential Grid-Tie Systems

Residential Grid-Tie Systems
SunWize Residential Grid-Tie Systems provide reliable power for your home using top quality UL listed products. Each system is pre-packaged to save design time and includes solar modules, UniRac® SolarMount mounting structure, inverters, cables and all necessary hardware and electrical components. The home-run wiring from the solar array to the main panel is supplied by the installer. SunWize grid-tie systems are modular which means you can combine multiple units together or add to your system in the future.

SunWize Residential Grid-Tie Systems generate clean energy from the sun reducing your dependency on utilities. In many states, when the system is generating more electricity than is being used, you can sell the excess electricity to the local utility. You’ll take comfort in knowing you've made the right choice that helps to preserve the environment and leaves a cleaner world for your children.

SunWize systems are easy to operate SunWize Residential Grid-Tie Systems are quiet and operate automatically. The system “wakes up” and begins to deliver power as the sun rises and “goes to sleep” as the sun sets. On-site installation can be completed within a few days. Because there are no moving parts, SunWize systems are virtually maintenance free. All components carry an Underwriters Laboratory (UL) listing and meet the National Electrical Code®, the benchmark for safe and efficient electrical installations.

• Generate your own electricity and reduce your electric bill
• Protect against future rate increases
• Produce electricity from free sunlight and watch your meter spin backwards
• Reduce the burning of fossil fuels contributing to a healthier environment
• Increase the value of your home
• Save money on your system puchase with state rebates and incentives
• Solar modules have a 25-year warranty
• Systems typically have a lifetime of 40+ years

SunWize Power CenterYour system includes everything you need Solar Modules with roof mounting structure. Solar modules convert sunlight into DC power and are attractively mounted on the roof of your home. SunWize Power Center – mounted in your garage, basement or on the outside of your home and includes:

• Inverter with LCD meter – converts DC power produced by the solar modules to household AC power.
• AC/DC Disconnect Switches – allows the modules to be disconnected from the inverter and the inverter to be disconnected from the utility grid.
• Optional kWh Electric Meter – displays net power produced by your system.
• Complete Documentation and owner's manuals.

SunWIze GTS Systems employ UL listed Sharp or Sanyo solar modules – ideal for grid-tie applications. Sanyo modules have one of the highest Performance Test Condition ratings per watt (W ptc) for higher rebates in California. Performance Test Condition testing simulates the real world, high cell temperatures modules are subjected to in the field.

Sharp’s modules offer high-powered performance, efficiency and durability for large electrical power requirements.


Array DC disconnect
Complete PV array grounding system
Inverter fused AC disconnect
MultiContact™ #10 AWG wiring array to panel J-box

Grid-Tie Systems may include:

1. Solar Modules

Sanyo® or Sharp Solar Modules deliver top-quality performance and are ideal for high voltage grid-tied inverters. All modules feature standard 36" cables with Multi-Contact (MC) connectors.


Sharp Sanyo
Sharp 175W solar module
Sanyo® 190W Solar Modules

2. UniRac® SolarMount™ Mounting Structure
– With rail splice kits and top-down clamps.

3. Grid-Tie Inverter

Fronius UL Listed Grid-Tie Inverter:
The Fronius IG2000, IG3000, IG4000 or IG5100 features a user friendly LCD display, plug and play system upgrades, flexible performance monitoring, a 5-year comprehensive warranty and a rugged NEMA 3R enclosure. Inverter ships separately.
Pre-wired SunWize Power Center for the Fronius IG2000, IG3000, IG4000 or IG5100 gridtie inverter, aluminum back panel, NEMA 3R–UL listed, AC and DC disconnect switches and an optional cumulative kWh utility-grade meter. - or

UL Listed SMA 1800W, 2500W, 3800W or 6000W Inverter features an LED display, communications and data collection options, a 5-year comprehensive warranty and a rugged NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure. SMA 6000 is configurable for 208/277 VAC. Inverter ships separately.
Pre-wired SunWize Power Center for either an SMA Sunny Boy 1800U, 2500U, 3800U or 6000U grid-tie inverter, aluminum back panel, NEMA 3R–UL listed, AC and DC disconnect switches and an optional cumulative kWh utility-grade meter. - or

Xantrex GT2.5 or GT3.0 UL Listed Inverter features an LCD display, integrated data ports, NEMA 3R enclosure, lockable utility/PV disconnects, 5-year warranty. Inverters ship separately.

Fronius UL Listed Grid-Tie InverterSMA UL Listed Grid-Tie InverterXantrex UL Listed Grid-Tie Inverter
UL Listed Grid-Tie Inverters

4. Required Switches:
NEMA 3R– UL listed, AC disconnect switch.

5. Wiring – Includes MC interconnect extension cords and wire clips, PV grounding system, junction and pull boxes. The home-run wiring from the solar array to the main panel is supplied by the installer.

6. Documentation - Includes electrical drawings, comprehensive and detailed documentation and owner's manual.

  As you can see, many combinations of solar panels and inverters are possible, but not all possible combinations of components are available. As indicated above though, we anticipate several other inverter combinations to be added to this list in the near future, so keep checking back for new combos.


SunWize Technologies



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