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Off-Grid Residential package C - 1.65kW - SolarWorld Modules

Off-Grid Residential package C - 1.65kW - SolarWorld Modules
Off-Grid Residential package C - 1.65kW - SolarWorld Modules
Item code Model number
KITOFFGRID-C Off-Grid Res Package C
AltE's Packaged Systems include the major components needed for a solar installation. Since each installation is unique, some parts/materials will need to be purchased separately to satisfy the needs of your specific project and local regulations.
off grid solar package

Off Grid Residential
1.65kW Solar Package

The performance of each off grid package will vary greatly based on the location where it is installed. If you need help sizing a system for your off grid home, check out our Off Grid System Calculator

Each of these solar packages is designed to provide you with the main components you will need to take your home off the grid! From premium modules and racking systems, to efficient inverters and durable batteries, these packages include high quality, safe components for your off grid installation.

Solar Modules

This 1.65kW off-grid residential package features six SolarWorld 275W Monocrystalline solar panels. High-quality, high performance, and high reliability – the SolarWorld Sunmodule is designed and built for long-term yield stability and ease of use. The patented box channel frame design provides extraordinary stiffness in bending and torsion. The laminate with 4mm glass is set deep in the frame channel and secured with precision applied adhesive. The frame is assembled by press fit to maximize strength and longevity. The result is an extremely robust package that can be mounted in any orientation and can withstand static loads of up to 113 psf. Sunmodule power is warranted for 25 years.

Off-Grid Residential Package C Includes:
Part Number Item Description Quantity
SOW275SW275M2.5 SolarWorld SunModule SW275 275W 20V Solar Panel 6
PVCMC4-MF-30FT 30' MC4 Connector Extension #10 AWG 2
GENMC4KEY Key for MC Solarline 4 Locking Connector 1
BURLAYINLUG-1 Tin Plated Copper Lay-In-Lug 10
TWOXRSRAIL-12FT Ironridge XRS Rail, 12' Section 4
TWO29-4000-0991 Ironridge XRS Rail End Cap 8
TWOXRS297000017 Ironridge XRS L-Foot Kit (4 Pack) 3
TWOXRS297000125 Ironridge XRS End Clamp Kit (4 Pack) I 2
TWOXRS297000105 Ironridge XRS Mid Clamp Kit (4 Pack) A,B,I 2
GENSR-2HOLES-LN 1/2" Strain Relief, 2 Round Holes/Locknut 2
GENSR-1HOLE-LN 1/2" Strain Relief, 1 Round Hole/Locknut 1
MIDMNPV6 Midnite Solar MNPV6 Combiner Box 1
GENBRKDIN-15 15 Amp Din Rail Mount Breaker 2
MIDPW4448PAE150 Midnite Solar Pre-Wired Power Panel - MS4448PAE 1
MKB8AGC2 MK 8AGC2 AGM 6V, 190AH (20HR) Battery 8
ALTBC-2/0-8B altE Battery Interconnect Cable, 2/0 8", Black 7
ALTBC-2/0-120RB altE Battery to Inverter Cables, 2/0 10', Pair 1

Pre-wired Power Panel
with DC to AC Inverter/Charger

solar packages

Midnite Solar's pre-wired system streamlines the installation process, reducing labor costs and providing an all in one solution for your off grid application. Each pre-wired panel includes a top of the line DC to AC Inverter/Charger and remote display with a Midnite Classic Charge Controller wired into a Midnite E-Panel enclosure. Each system is pre-wired with the necessary DC Breakers, Surge Protection Devices and temperature sensors.

The PW4448PAE-CL150 Model features a Magnum MS 4400W, 48V Inverter/Charger. The MS-PAE Series Inverter/Charger from Magnum Energy is a pure sinewave inverter designed specifically for the most demanding renewable energy applications. These inverters are powerful, easy-to-use and ETL listed to the stringent requirements of UL 1741 and CSA C22.2 No. 107.1-01 for Renewable Energy installations.

Solar Charge Controller

off grid solar house

The Midnite Solar Classic line of MPPT charge controllers substantially increases the flexibility, features and range currently found on MPPT controllers. The Classic is the only MPPT controller that has Arc Fault Detection, making it the safest controller available. The CL-150 model (150V, 96A) features 32 MB of data logging, built in DC-GFP and Arc Fault Detector and is Made in the USA.


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Deka Solar batteries are engineered and tested to provide reliable, long-lasting back-up power for PV and renewable energy applications where the batteries will be charged/discharged on a daily basis. These sealed AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries are spill proof and 100% maintenance free.

This package includes (8) 6V, 190Ah batteries, which will be wired together for a 48V, 190Ah battery bank. Deep cycle batteries should not be discharged lower than 50%, so a battery bank of this size will provide approximately 1800 Watt hours (Wh) of energy per day, for two days when fully charged. This is a rough estimate of capacity, actual capacity can change based on temperature, state of charge and the condition of the batteries. Additional batteries can be added to this package (either 8 or 16) to increase the capacity of the battery bank.

Recommended Package Add-Ons
Part Number Item Description
QUI0198 Quick Mount PV Roof Flashings w/Standoff
MKB8AGC2 MK 8AGC2 AGM 6V, 190AH (20HR) Battery
ALTBC-2/0-8B altE Battery Interconnect Cable, 2/0 8", Black
ALTBC-2/0-24B altE Battery Interconnect Cable, 2/0 24", Black
ALTBC-2/0-24R altE Battery Interconnect Cable, 2/0 24", Red
MIDMNGPDUMMY Midnite Classic Dummy Display Panel
SFWPOWBST-QT PowerBoost PV Module Cleaner - 32oz
MIDMNBE-B Midnite Solar Cabinet Style Battery Enclosure

Our off-grid residential packages include the basics that you'll need for your solar installation. In this table, we've listed a few more items that you may want to include with your package order. If you are interested in remote displays, mounting standoffs, or additional batteries and cables, this is the place to find them.

* To take a look at technical spec pages, installation manuals, warranty information, etc. click on the 'Documents' tab towards the top of this page

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