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UniSolar 64 64W 12V Thinfilm Solar Panel

UniSolar 64 64W 12V Thinfilm Solar Panel
UniSolar 64 64W 12V Thinfilm Solar Panel
Item code Model number Volts Watts Cell Tech Connector Type
UNS64-US64 US-64 (US64) 12V 64W Amorphous-Si J-Box
Please Note: These modules can be shipped via UPS if ordered in even quantities (multiples of 2); if ordering odd quantities, they must ship by freight. This is due to the way they are packaged by the manufacturer.

UNI-POWER Solar Electric Modules


Each UNI-SOLAR flexible solar battery charger uses United Solar's proprietary Triple Junction spectrum-splitting amorphous silicon cell design to achieve high performance. These cells are constructed of three separate p-i-n type, amorphous semiconductor solar sub-cells, each with a different spectral response characteristic. This allows the cell to convert the different visible and near infrared wavelengths of sunlight with optimal efficiency. The thin-film cells are made in a patented continuous roll-to-roll deposition process on a flexible stainless steel sheet. Each of the nine thin-film semiconductor layers that comprise the cell is sequentially deposited in separate, dynamically-isolated, plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) chambers as the stainless steel substrate progresses through the machine. The result is a unique, flexible, light-weight cell.



The modules are exceptionally durable. They are encapsulated in UV-stabilized polmers and framed with anodized aluminum. A Galvalume steel backing provides stiffness. The polymer encapsulation includes EVA and fluoropolymer Tefzel, a DuPont film similar to Teflon. The unbreakable, non-glass module is bonded to an anodized aluminum frame for strength. Frame includes mounting holes. The US-64, US-42 and US-32 feature bypass diodes, weather resistant junction boxes with 1/2 NPT knock outs and carry a twenty-year limited warranty. The US-21, US-11 and US-5 carry a ten-year limited warranty and include an 8’ cable. The US-3 features a built-in blocking diode and carries a three-year limited warranty. All are UL listed.

Product Specifications:

Rated Power
Rated Voltage
Open Circuit
Voltage (Voc)

Short Circuit
Current (Isc)

Series Fuse Rating (Amps)
Unit Weight
US-3 2.68 8.10 0.33 12.0 0.40
11.26” x 8.07” 1.7
US-5 5 16.5 0.30 23.8 0.37
19.33” x 8.07” 2.5
US-11 10.3 16.5 0.62 23.8 0.78
19.33” x 15.08” 3.6
US-21 21 16.5 1.27 23.8 1.59
36.54" x 15.07” 6.6
US-32 32 16.5 1.94 23.8 2.40
53.78” x 15.07” 10.0
US-42 42 16.5 2.54 23.8 3.17
36.6" x 29.18" 13.8
US-64 64 16.5 3.88 23.8 4.80
53.78” x 29.18” 20.2

Solar Panels for Our Sailboat


We installed a pair of Unisolar 64W panels on the rear davits of our sailboat. Installation was straight forward including the voltage regulator and display.
The light weight panels in the aluminum frame are ideal for this type of application.

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Good price for a fine panel


I bought the panel to power a 400gph Aqua-solar pump for a small pond. Mounted on the roof of a playhouse, it drives the pump during most daylight hours (when the bushes are trimmed;-). This was my first solar project, and I'm very happy with the res
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