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Sharp Solar Sharp 70W Triangular Solar Panel (Right)

Sharp Solar Sharp 70W Triangular Solar Panel (Right)
Sharp Solar Sharp 70W Triangular Solar Panel (Right)
Item code Model number Volts Watts
SHA70-ND-070ERU ND-070ERU 12V 70W

Sharp SolarSharp Solar
ND-070ERU & ND-070ELU
Multi-crystal Triangular Solar Panels
With 70W Maximum Power


Sharp's new triangular photovoltaic modules offer the clean, pleasing look of a high-tech skylight while mcreasing design flexibility with balanced and attractive rooftop arrays. Engineered specifically for residential hip roofs and complex roof lines, these modules set a new standard in aesthetics. The black anodized aluminum frames, trim strips, and backing sheets blend beautifully with the home's exterior. In addition, an "L" hook design located along the frame's perimeter ensures easy integration with the residential system mounting hardware. These modules also boast a high conversion efficiency and are designed to withstand extreme heat and wind. Sharp's ND-070ERU/LU triangular residential system modules—an ideal combination of form and function from the global leader in solar technology.


  • Left and right triangular modules offer greater design flexibility and greater integration for roof line aesthetics
  • High-power module (70W) using 21 square multi-crystal silicon solar cells with 13.44% cell conversion efficiency
  • Bypass diode minimizes the power drop caused by shade
  • Black anodized aluminum frame and "L" hook design located along frame perimeter for easy integration with residential system mounting hardware
  • Water white, tempered glass, EVA laminate, and a weather-proof film yield long-life modules while enhancing cell performance
  • Nominal 7 VDC output is ideal for residential system applications
  • Manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities
  • 25-year limited warranty on power output
  • UL Listings: UL 1703, cUL
ND-070ERU/LU used for aesthetic arrays
Mechanical Characteristics
Dimensions (A x B x C beiow) 45.86 x 38.98 x 1.81" /
1165 x 990 x 46mm
Weight 26.9 lbs/12.2kg
Packing Configuration 2 pcs per carton
Size of Carton 46.14 x 43.5 x 5.0" /1172 x 1105 x 127mm

Electrical Characteristics
Cell Multi-crystal Silicon
No. of Cells & Connections 21 Cells in Series
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 12.43V
Maximum Power Voltage (Vpm) 9.98V
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 7.81A
Maximum Power Current (Ipm) 7.02A
Maximum Power 70W
Minimum Power 63W
Encapsulated Cell Efficiency 13.44%
PTC Rateing (W) 61.46
Maximum System Voltage 600VDC
Series Fuse Rateing 15A
Type of Output Terminal Lead Wire with MC Connectors

Sharp Solar

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