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BP Vlx20, 20W, 12V Polycrystlline Panel

BP Vlx20, 20W, 12V Polycrystlline Panel
BP Vlx20, 20W, 12V Polycrystlline Panel
Item code Model number Volts Watts
BPS20-VLX20 VLX20 12V 20W


Solar Panels
Mixed Lot
Limited Supply

Take advantage of this first come first served offer! We have a one time, mixed lot of discontinued solar panels in varying quantities.  Once these models are gone, they're gone for good. If you have an older array of a discontinued model, this may be your last chance to get that odd ball you need.  These panels are perfectly OK, no defects, just running out of stock.

Qty / Model
1 KYO-LA51 / KC LA51, 51W, 12V PV PANEL
2 VLX20 / BP VLX20, 20W, 12V
1 MSX20 / BP MSX20, 20W, 12V
3 SX50M / BP SX50M, 50W 12V
15 SX50U / BP SX50U, 50W, 12V
2 VLX53 / BPS-VLX53, 53W 12V
14 SX80 / BPSX80U, 80W, 12V


VLX modules are manufactured in our ISO 9001-certified factories to demanding specifications, and comply,:with IEC 1215, IEEE 1262 and CEC 503 test requirements, including:

  • repetitive cycling between -40ºC and 90ºC;
  • repetitive cycling between -4OºC and 85ºC at 85% relative humidity;
  • simulated impact of one-inch (25 mm) hail at terminal velocity;
  • 2000 VDC frame/cell string isolation test;
  • performance at low light levels;
  • a "damp heat" test, consisting of 1000 hours of operation at 85ºC and 85% relative humidity
  • a "hot-spot" test, which determines a module's ability to tolerate localized shadowing (which can cause reverse-biased operation and localized heating);
  • resistance to UV degradation;
  • robustness of electrical terminations;
  • simulated wind loading of 125 mph (200 kph).

VLX ModulesThe SX-40U and SX-50U
The SX-40U and -50U are designed primarily for industrial use and other particularly demanding applications. Their rugged Universal frame is suitable for severe duty, exceeds the requirements of all certifying agencies, and is fully supported by Solarex’s IntegraSystem™ system integration concept, which ensures full compatibility with other Solarex subsystems (support hardware, regulators, etc.). These modules are suitable for single- or multiple-module applications with DC system voltage not exceeding 600 volts.

The SX-40M and SX-50M
The SX-40M and -50M are general-purpose PV modules suitable for applications compatible with the MultiMount™ frame and the modules’ electrical characteristics. They are for use in single-module applications with DC system voltage not exceeding 30 volts.

MultiMount™ Frame
The MultiMount™ frame of the SX-40M and -50M provides tremendous flexibility in mounting approach. Oriented parallel to the edge and back of the module, its dual channels accept the heads of 5/16" or 8mm hex bolts, allowing the module to be mounted from the side or back. Bolts may be located anywhere along the channels (shown at left with end caps removed), a configuration which prevents them from turning during tightening and allows installation with just one wrench.


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