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Your Solar Home 1500G Glazed Solar Air Heater

Your Solar Home 1500G Glazed Solar Air Heater
Your Solar Home 1500G Glazed Solar Air Heater
Item code Model number
YOUSH1500-BLG 1001
Thermostat wiring note: The included (printed) directions for wiring the thermostat may not be correct. It should read: "Put the Black on the RH and the White on the W." There is no longer a low speed option, so there are only 2 wires (no third red wire).
Your Solar HomeYour Solar Home
Solarsheat 1500G
Glazed Hot Air Solar Collector

Part No.
Energy Rating

Gross Area
Thermal insulation

Flow Rate
Switch Mode
C02 Reduction
YourSolarHome Inc.
1.5 kWh
86" X 43.15" X 3.8"
221cm x 109.6cm x 9.7cm
26 ft2 or 2.4 m2
94 lbs / 42.6 kg
Modular solar air collector
Aluminum extrusion
Yes, tempered glass
Ceramic bead,
equivalent up to R20 rating
PV system, 15 watts
100 CFM
External Control Digital
DC, ball bearing
.35 tonne
120ºF or 49ºC
Wall or roof
1 year from date of purchase



YOUR SOLAR HOME INC. is a renewable energy solutions company which manufactures and develops solar air collection heating systems for residential and commercial use. Collectors are assembled with a custom extrusion and quality materials to ensure long life.

Their products are economical, environmentally friendly, can be used for air heating or hot water supply and offer high performance n a variety of different climates and applications.

››Alternative Energy Store Tip‹‹

  • The Solarsheat system uniquely has a solar electric panel and fan unit integrated into the unit. This means you don't need to separate run wires to the fan system, simplifying installation.
  • We recommend one collector per 750 square feet of home or office space.
  • Be sure to order the inline fan if the distance from the sheet to the diffuser is 25 feet or more.



The SolarSheat 1500G is a glazed recirculation solar air collector designed for space heating applications. Air is drawn from inside the room through the bottom of the collector and blown out through a duct in the top. The SolarSheat 1500G can heat an area of the home or room up to 750 ft2 or 70 m2 when the sun is shining. Multiple collectors can be connected together to heat larger areas or rooms. An external digital control let’s you preset the temperature for the collector to start heating.

1. Integrated Photovoltaic Module
The SolarSheat has an integrated photovoltaic panel (thin film can effectively work on cloudy days) comprises 15 watts of power that drives a fan for optimal performance.

2. Modular Extruded Frame
The modular extruded aluminum frame allows for connection between panels from side or top portion. Panels can be interconnected to form large air wall structures to accommodate large heating needs or ventilation air supply.

3. Perforated Absorber
The perforated absorber allows for maximum air flow through the collector. A high quality paint coating is applied for long-life and ensures excellent energy absorption in a wide variety of climates.

4. Ceramic Insulation
A ceramic bead insulation coating is applied to the back of the collector to provide optimal energy efficiency and up to R20 value which can act with or instead of back insulated wall.

5. External Control
The SolarSheat 1500G includes an external digital control that allow you to preset your room temperature. The unit can deliver up to 120ºF or 49ºC (estimated) for room heating.

6. Fan
The fan has a long life and provides up to 100 CFM for adequate room ventilation.

7. Installation
Installation is quick and easy using our patent pending mounting strip SolarSheat Mount. Perfect for do-it-yourself or contractor friendly.

8. Included
Ships with the mount, duct kit and control.


Note: If you need duct it must be ordered separately!

1500G Pak on house
1500G Pak (1x 1500G and 1x 1500GS Collectors) Installed on home

A $65 crate fee is charged on this item, in addition to shipping charges.

Your Solar Home

Here are some tips from the altE staff

  • Does a solar air heater work at night?
    • No, the units provide heat from sunlight. It is meant to be a supplemental heating source so that your regular heating system will not have to work as often.
  • Can I mount the air collector upside down?
    • No, mounting it upside down will adversely affect the air flow. An upside down installation is NOT recommended by the manufacturers.
  • What happens during the summer?
    • The units can be turned off so that the fan does not force air inside.
  • Can I mount it horizontally?
    • Yes, horizontal installations are okay. This may not be the most efficient installation, but it should not have adverse affects.
  • How long does the installation usually take?
    • A qualified person/contractor with appropriate tools can install this in less than 1 day. For a novice the installation may take 1 or 2 days.
  • Where are the units manufactured?
    • The Solarsheat products are manufactured in Canada.
  • Will it produce heat on cloudy days?
    • It is possible to get some heat production on cloudy days, but the output will not be as significant as on clear sunny days. Think of this technology as being similar to how a car left out in the sun heats up.
  • Is it better to use a 2 pack (solarsheat 1500G and 1500GS) or two stand alone units (2-1500G units)?
    • It depends on how and where you want the heat and whether you have the space for two side by side.
  • Do these need to face true south and at a tilt angle 90 degrees to the sun?
    • It is always best to face south, however southwest and southeast orientations are okay. The farther from south, the less production you will achieve. 90 degree angles are not necessary but are often better for winter sun angles.

Cold weather performance.


The solarsheat does workwell in Wisconsin. But heated air output temperture does drop as outside temperture drops.
With full sun and temperture in the single digits the panel was outputing 90 F heat air. But when the winds picked up and temperture d
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Solarsheat 1500G


Myself and an experienced carpenter friend mounted and installed the solar sheet a south facing wall of my home. The room I intended this solar sheet for already has existing gas heat (forced air) but this was to serve as supplemental heat. I install
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1500G Works Excellent


I easily installed the 1500G on the roof of our new 3-season porch, in Dec '05. This spring, during sunny days the porch becomes warmer than the house near noontime. We'll then open the patio door and let the heat from the 1500G heat the house until
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