Sun Frost R19 DC Refrigerator, 19 Cu Ft

Sun Frost R19 DC Refrigerator, 19 Cu Ft
Sun Frost R19 DC Refrigerator, 19 Cu Ft
Item code Model number
Note(1): Standard color is WHITE. Add $150 for custom colors or wood veneers.
Note (2): Add $60 for crating fee.

Sun FrostSun Frost

Sun Frost Refigeration    The Sun Frost is so outstandingly energy efficient, it makes powering a home with photovoltaics or other low output energy sources both feasible and affordable. Even in a home using conventional utility power, energy consumption for refrigeration is typically cut by a factor of four!
    In addition to unrivaled energy efficiency, Sun Frost offers other amenities not found in conventional refrigerators, such as food-saving, high humidity storage, ultra-quiet operation and an easy-to-clean interior.
    Every Sun Frost is custom crafted, and can be finished with a number of laminates or wood finishes.


Sun Frost RF16 with 13" cabinet.SUN FROST RF16
The Sun Frost RF16 is an extremely efficient full-size refrigerator. It has two independent cooling systems and temperature controls. In fact, one compartment may be left running while the other is shut off. The uniquely designed cooling coils on the outside of the Sun Frost do not require fans. The Sun Frost RF16 may be mounted on a 13 inch high cabinet for maximum convenience.

Sun Frost RF12 Refrigerator / Freezer
shown with 24" cabinet.SUN FROST RF12
The Sun Frost RF12 is a single compressor refrigerator freezer with a passively cooled (no fans) cooling system. For convenience it is typically mounted on a 24" high cabinet. The matching cabinet made by Sun Frost has two large side by side drawers.

Sun Frost RF19 Refrigerator / Freezer
shown with 13" cabinet.

Sun Frost RF19, R19, and F19
These refrigerators and freezers are our largest models, and all have two equal sized compartments.

The Sun Frost RF19: The Sun Frost RF19: one compartment is a refrigerator and the other a freezer.  The RF19 can be ordered with the freezer on the top or on the bottom. The freezer is twice as large as the freezer in the RF16; however, the refrigerator compartment is slightly smaller. The RF19 often eliminates the need to buy a separate freezer. Like the RF16 this model is typically mounted on a 13-inch high cabinet. The RF19 uses two quiet and highly efficient fans to cool the exterior cooling coils.

The Sun Frost R19: is a refrigerator-only model with two equal-sized refrigerator sections. It does not need defrosting and incorporates a passive (no fans) cooling system.

The Sun Frost F19: is our largest freezer-only unit. It has two equal-sized compartments incorporating two independently controlled cooling systems. One compartment may be turned off to conserve energy when its storage space is not required. It uses the same fans as the RF19 to cool its cooling coils.


The following models are the same width & depth as our larger models but are shorter, and for maximum convenience would require a higher base cabinet.

Sun Frost R10 and F10
The Sun Frost R10 and F10 are the same width & depth as our larger models but are shorter, and for maximum convenience would require a higher base cabinet. The R10 is a refrigerator-only unit and the F10 is a freezer-only unit.

Sun Frost RF4, R4, and F4Sun Frost RF4, R4, and F4
The Sun Frost RF4, R4, and F4 are our smallest refrigerators and freezers. Like the R10 and F10, they have the same width and depth as the larger units. The RF4 consists of a refrigerator with an ice tray freezer section. The R4 is a refrigerator-only unit, and the F4 is a freezer-only unit. For convenience, these units would require a higher base cabinet, or they could be placed on a countertop. Our 4 cubic foot models are also ideal for use in bus conversions, boats and RVs.


Sun Frost RFVB-134aSun Frost RFVB-134a
Solar Powered Vaccine Storage DC Refrigerator Freezer
The Sun Frost RFVB is a vaccine storage refrigerator used primarily in developing countries. There is more information about this model on its own spec page.


The SUN FROST refrigerator employs an array of design innovations to achieve its exceptionally low energy consumption. The cooling system on the SUN FROST is top mounted. This configuration reduces energy consumption several ways. The heat generated by the compressor and condenser (black coils on the back of many refrigerators) does not re-enter the refrigerator and also with a cooler running condenser, the efficiency of the cooling system is increased.

The Sun Frost RF-19 and F-19 use a quiet and highly efficient fan to help cool the condenser; on other models, the condensers are cooled passively. Because of the efficient design of the Sun Frost, the compressors used are much smaller and produce correspondingly less noise than those found on a conventional refrigerator. These features make the Sun Frost much quieter than a conventional AC refrigerator.

Defrosting a Sun Frost is a simple process. Frost build-up in the SUN FROST freezer is very slow because there is no air circulating between the freezer and refrigerator sections. The ice which forms in the freezer collects primarily on the ceiling. When defrosting the freezer section, the contents of the freezer may be transferred to the refrigerator section so they remain frozen. After the refrigerator has been turned off for about twenty minutes, the ice is easily removed in large pieces. There is no mop-up because the ice does not need to be melted, only separated from the flat ceiling.

Sun Frost refrigerators keep food fresher by maintaining high humidity. This prevents freezer burn and wilting caused by water loss in food. Since there is minimal water loss in foods stored in a Sun Frost, foods often last two to three times longer than in conventional refrigerators. In typical refrigerators, water, which is part of stored food, is transformed into ice on the freezer's cooling coils. This process results in the dehydration of fruits and vegetables, increases energy consumption, and accelerates frost build-up. In a conventional refrigerator, high humidity is achieved by storing food in airtight containers which creates high humidity conditions, but cuts off the food's oxygen supply. Without oxygen, plant cells break down more rapidly, which decreases shelf life. The SUN FROST allows you to store food in breathable containers, such as paper bags, often more than doubling storage life.

The Sun Frost refrigerator typically reduces refrigerator energy consumption by a factor of five. The accompanying cost of the solar power system is similarly reduced. The SUN FROST RF-16 12 volt DC model consumes 20 KWH per month, or an average of 53 amp hours per day. By contrast, conventional refrigerators typically consume about 110 KWH per month or 305 amp hours per day. Producing the 110 KWH needed to run this refrigerator on a solar power system would require an investment of around $12,000 in hardware, batteries, and inverter. A Sun Frost will reduce this cost by a factor of at least six because of its increased efficiency and the elimination of inverter losses. Inverters convert DC battery power to 120V AC.

The cooling system of the SUN FROST refrigerator contains a minimal number of moving parts. Both the DC and AC compressors incorporate highly reliable, hermetically sealed, brushless motors.

The efficient thermal design of SUN FROST refrigerators also contributes to their reliability. The top-mounted cooling system runs at a lower temperature than most, which prolongs the life of the system's lubricants and reduces mechanical strain on the compressor. The cooling system should provide well over 15 years of trouble-free operation.

During the summer, a typical refrigerator adds as much heat to your kitchen as a 1000 watt heater running five hours per day!

The energy needed by your air conditioner to remove this excess heat will be about half the energy consumed by your refrigerator. Increasing the cost of running your refrigerator by an additional 50%.

By producing much less waste heat than a conventional refrigerator, a SUN FROST makes your kitchen more comfortable and reduces the cost of air conditioning your home.

Sun Frost refrigerators are designed to be mounted on a cabinet. With the refrigerator raised, all stored food will then be at a convenient height. In addition, a cabinet beneath the refrigerator provides much more accessible storage space than a ceiling mounted cabinet. The cabinet could be built by the homeowner to match other kitchen cabinets or supplied by Sun Frost. Sun Frost manufactures a 13 inch high cabinet for the Sun Frost RF-16 and RF-19 refrigerators and a 24 inch high cabinet for the Sun Frost RF-12. Each cabinet has two large side-by-side drawers. There is also a 4 inch stand with no drawers or storage space for the RF-19 if desired.

Base Cabinets
Standard White
Color Laminate
Wooden Veneer
Four inch stand
Thirteen inch cabinet
Twenty-four inch cabinet

A Sun Frost refrigerator can be placed against a wall minimizing floor area utilized. It will not have to be moved for either cleaning or servicing.

Each custom built SUN FROST refrigerator is available in more than 100 colors of high-pressure laminate and many natural wood finishes. The spacious interior, made from sturdy fiberglass-reinforced plastic, is exceptionally easy to clean, with no exposed ducts, tubing or inaccessible corners. The adjustable door shelves can accommodate half-gallon beverage containers, while adjustable glass shelves line the refrigerator section.
Sun Frost standard white finish. Sun Frost refigerator with a wood veneer finish to match other kitchen cabinets.

The prices in the table below are for units with a standard white laminate finish.

  • Add any other laminate refrigerator surface by Formica, Wilsonart, or Nevamor, etc. (customer supplies the laminate name and model number).
  • Add a wood veneer refrigerator surface of the customer's choice. (IMPORTANT: these wood veneers are left unvarnished for the customer to complete with their choice of finish.)
  • Add a Stainless Steel finish on the front with black laminate sides.
  • Subtract $50 for refigerators with no finish cover. The customer supplies their own finished surface (aluminum moldings are included in a package for the customer to apply).
  • The RF19 Refrigerator/Freezer model may have the Freezer on the top or bottom.
  • All refrigerators require a crating charge. The crating fee for the RF12 is $50, $60 for larger units, and $45 for smaller units. No crating fee for cabinets.
  • All items are shipped by truck. Home delivery is more expensive than pickup at a local terminal. Shipping quotes can be obtained within hours.
  • Units shipped in 4 weeks.
  • California residents must add state sales tax.

Contact one of our sales representatives toll free at (877) 878-4060 if you have any questions or have specific custom requests.

Product List

Description AC Models DC Models Daily Energy Use
(amp hrs @12 VDC /
kWh @ 110 VAC)
(see clearances below)
(export add 40 lbs.)
at 70°F
at 90°F
Height Width Depth Weight Volume
19 Cu. Ft.
Half Refrigerator / HalfFreezer
62 amp hrs
.77 Kwhrs
82 amp hrs
1.03 Kwhrs
66" 34.5" 27.75" 320 lb. 46 C.F
19 Cu. Ft.
Refrigerator Only
28 amp hrs
.35 Kwhrs
46 amp hrs
.58 Kwhrs
66" 34.5" 27.75" 310 lb. 46 C.F
19 Cu. Ft.
Freezer Only
100 amp hrs
1.25 Kwhrs
130 amp hrs
1.63 Kwhrs
66" 34.5" 27.75" 320 lb. 46 C.F
16 Cu. Ft.
42 amp hrs
.49 Kwhrs
58 amp hrs
.79 Kwhrs
62.5" 34.5" 27.75" 300 lb. 44 C.F
12 Cu. Ft.
24 amp hrs
.30 Kwhrs
43 amp hrs
.53 Kwhrs
49.5" 34.5" 27.75" 230 lb. 36 C.F
10 Cu. Ft.
Refrigerator Only
15 amp hrs
.19 Kwhrs
25 amp hrs
.31 Kwhrs
43.5" 34.5" 27.75" 215 lb. 32 C.F
10 Cu. Ft.
Freezer Only
55 amp hrs
.69 Kwhrs
70 amp hrs
.88 Kwhrs
43.5" 34.5" 27.75" 215 lb. 32 C.F
4 Cu. Ft.
Refrigerator with ice tray
13 amp hrs
.16 Kwhrs
19 amp hrs
.24 Kwhrs
31.5" 34.5" 27.75" 160 lb. 23 C.F
4 Cu. Ft.
Refrigerator Only
7 amp hrs
.09 Kwhrs
10 amp hrs
.13 Kwhrs
31.5" 34.5" 27.75" 160 lb. 23 C.F
4 Cu. Ft.
Freezer Only
28 amp hrs
.35 Kwhrs
36 amp hrs
.45 Kwhrs
31.5" 34.5" 27.75" 160 lb. 23 C.F
4 Cu. Ft.
Vaccine Storage Unit
14 amp hrs
.17 Kwhrs
23 amp hrs
.28 Kwhrs
31.5" 34.5" 27.75" 160 lb. 23 C.F
Voltage: All models are available in 12 volt DC, 24 volt DC, 110AC, or 220AC.
Listed energy consumptions are for 12 volt units and 110AC; 24 volt units use half the listed amp hours. kWhs are listed for AC units.
Colors: A wide variety of custom laminates and wood veneers are available. Standard laminate color is white.
Terms: Prepayment required. Production can not begin on custom colors/wood veneers until full payment is received.
Clearance: The doors are mounted on a continuous stainless steel piano hinge.
It is important to allow an additional 3.75" width on the hinge side for the door to open. All units require minimum 6" clearance above the unit to allow for heat ventilatation.
Base Cabinets: Custom built, made to match with two side by side drawers. Available in 13" and 24" heights or 4" stand. Constructed of solid plywood.

Interior Dimensions

Model Freezer Refrigerator Total
Height Width Depth Volume Height Width Depth Volume
CF Liters CF Liters CF Liters
RF19 24 28 20.75 8.07 228.5 24 28 20.75 8.07 228.5 16.1 457
R19 24 28 20.75 8.07 228.5 24 28 20.75 8.07 228.5 16.1 457
F19 24 28 20.75 8.07 228.5 24 28 20.75 8.07 228.5 16.1 457
RF16 13 26 20 3.91 110.8 31 28 20.75 10.4 295.2 14.3 406
RF12 6.5 26 21 2.05 58.2 24 28 20.75 8.07 228.5 10.1 286.7
R10 ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- 28 27.5 20.5 9.13 258.7 9.13 258.7
F10 28 27.5 20.5 9.13 258.7 ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- 9.13 258.7
RFVB 4 26 20 1.2 34.1 6 26 20 1.8 51.1 3.0 85.2
RF4 225 26 20 68 19.2 10.5 26 20 3.16 89.5 3.84 108.7
R4 ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- 13 26 20 3.91 110.7 3.91 110.8
F4 13 26 20 3.91 110.8 ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- 3.91 110.8


Sun Frost warrants to the first consumer purchaser, for a period of two years from the date of purchase, that this product is free from defects in materials and workmanship. Sun Frost will, at their option, repair or replace the defective product or part at no charge to the purchaser for parts or labor, provided the unit is installed and operated in accordance with the written instructions provided with the product. In the event that an outside contractor is authorized by Sun Frost to do the repair, Sun Frost will cover all parts and labor exclusive of travel costs.

This warranty does not apply to any damage resulting from accident, misuse, abuse, improper installation, or neglect; nor to any unit that has been altered, modified, or tampered with in any way. In no event shall Sun Frost be liable or in any way responsible for any damage or defects in the product that were caused by a repair or attempted repair being performed by anyone not specifically authorized by Sun Frost to perform that repair.

If it is determined that a unit must be returned to the factory for warranty work, the purchaser will be responsible for Sun Frost Refrigeration.shipping. Within the continental United States only, Sun Frost will pay to ship the repaired unit back to the customer. Outside the continental United States, goods returned for any purpose are done so at the expense of the purchaser.

This warranty does not cover any incidental or consequential costs or expenses incurred by the use of this product, other than those explicitly stated herein. Within applicable law, no other warranty expressed or implied exists.



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