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Whole Home/Inverter/Generator Power Meter, 40A, 240VAC

Whole Home/Inverter/Generator Power Meter, 40A, 240VAC
Whole Home/Inverter/Generator Power Meter, 40A, 240VAC
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Brand Electronics
BPM 20-CTR Whole House
Digital Power Meter

Brand Electronics
Remote wall panel with oak trim

The Model 20-CTR is designed to monitor the whole house load, inverter output, generator output, etc. The meter consists of a easy to install current transducer (CT) (2 for 2 phase 240 vac applications), a base module and an attractive oak trimmed panel mount display. The remote display can be mounted up to several hundred feet from the base module using inexpensive CAT5 LAN cable (can be provided). The meter features both a "permanent" and resettable kw-hr and cost display, as well as watts, peak watts and cost information (similar to the Model 4 series). The meter can be configured for 120 or 120/240 operation and will monitor up to 9999 watts.


Digital Power Meter: Interior Wall Mounted, Remote Display

  • General Description:
    • Interior Digital Power Meter. Monitors 100-250 vac, 50-60 hz, 0-40 amps, PF -1 to +1.
    • Display 0 - 4000+ watts, 0 - 65,000 kw-hrs, user input cost for cost calculation (savings), peak power capture, permanent and resettable kw-hr display. General Accuracy at rated input shall be 2% at unity power factor.
  • Output Parameters:
    • Power 0-4000 Watts +
    • Energy 0-65,000 kw-hrs (.001 kw-hr resolution, auto scale)
    • Peak Power
    • Cost 0-$65,000 (.01 $ resolution)
  • Electrical Characteristics:
    • Meter(s) shall be available to cover the following single phase inverter output ranges:
    • Output Power: Rated Power of 1000 to 4000 W.
    • Meter reads in only one direction….does not "net" meter.
    • The base unit components shall be rated for at least 1.56 time the rated current, where rated current is rated power divided by minimum voltage. Components rated for continuous operation may be rated at 1.25 times the rated current.
    • Voltage signals between the base unit and display unit shall be 26 Vac or less, with at least100' between base unit and display units.
    • The units shall use UL Recognized Components for high voltage applications (>26 vac).
  • Physical & Dimensional:
    • Base Unit:
      • Output connection to the Remote Display shall be a RJ-45 jack connected to standard CAT-5
      • LAN cable.
      • The base unit shall be 4.5 inches x 3 inches x 2 1/2 inches; surface mount.
    • Remote Unit:
      • The remote unit shall mount into a standard triple gang switch box.
      • The remote unit shall not extend more than 1" from the will surface.
      • The remote unit shall be self trimmed with a hand made Maine Red Oak frame.
      • Input form the remote unit shall be a RJ-45 which shall not be visible after installation.
      • The Remote Display shall connect to the Base unit using standard CAT-5 LAN cable. This cable may be up to 100 ft long. Contact Brand Electronics for application data for lengthsover 100 ft.
  • Environmental:
    • The base unit shall be designed for -20C to 45C and up to 95% humidity; NON CONDENSING.
    • The remote display unit is designed for indoor standard indoor temperature and humidity ranges. The unit may be used outdoors if installed in an appropriate NEMA rated enclosure.
    • LCD readability will be affected below 30F.

Installation Instructions

General Description:
The metering instrument consists of two general components: a surface mount base unit for connecting to AC voltage and AC current and a remote, flush mounted display unit. The base and display are connected using standard CAT-5 LAN cable. AC current is monitored using a standard snap on current transducer (CT). AC voltage is sensed via two fused input lines to a step down transformer (located inside the base unit).

Locate the base unit as close to the supply as possible. Plan for routing of the CT and the two fused voltage sense wires. The connections are provided with a polarized 4 connector plug to the base unit. The remote display may be mounted up to 100 ft from the base unit. Attach the CT around either the Line or Neutral (for 120 vac systems), or L1 and L2 (for 240 vac systems). Generally install the CT with the label toward the source. Connect the two fused voltage sense wire across the output of the system.(120vac L1 and Neutral; 220vac L1,L2). These wires are shipped with no end preparation. Attach ring connectors, plugs or strip back bare end as installation requirements dictate. A phase reverse jumper at the display can be used to correct any phase reversal caused by installation configuration. The base unit has an LED, which will illuminate when ac voltage is present. The display is designed to mount in a standard triple gang electrical box, or equivalent. Route up to 100 ft of CAT 5 cable from the base unit to the display. Connect the base unit to the display by plugging in the CAT 5 cable into the RJ-45 jacks on the base and display units. Energize the system. If voltage is present at the display unit, the LED on the display unit will illuminate. If the system does not read proper power indication when the system is producing power, change the position of the jumper on the back of the display unit. The jumper must be on two of the three pins. The meter begins operation as soon as it is energized.

Comparison Chart

MODEL 4-1850 20-1850, 21-1850CI and 20-1850CI 20-CTR Whole House
Backlit LCD YES YES Option
Input Limits 15 amps/120 vac 15 amps/120 vac 40 amps/240 vac
WATTS 0-1850 0-1850 0-9999
KW-HOURS .001-9999 .001-9999 .001-65,500
USER COST (c/kwhr) 0-.99 0-.99 0-.99
Avg Monthly Cost YES YES YES
AMPS RMS n/a .20-15.00 (+/-3%)* n/a
VOLTS RMS n/a 100-130.0  n/a
POWER FACTOR n/a 0.00-1.00 (+/- 5%) n/a
VARS n/a 20-1850 (+/- 5%)* n/a
VOLT-AMPS n/a 20-1850 (+/- 5%)* n/a
n/a YES: 20-1850
MEMORY (Kw-hrs ,cost, timer) YES YES YES
(accept as noted)
+/- 2% +/- 2 lsd +/- 1.5%  +/-2 lsd +/- 2% +/- 2 lsd
Sample memory (average power during  interval) n/a 8121 samples (21-1850CI) n/a
Sample Interval n/a 1 min- 2 hours (21-1850CI) n/a
RS-232 specs n/a 8N1, 9600 bps (21-1850CI and 20-1850CI) n/a
Real time clock/calender
Battery backup
n/a 21-1850CI only n/a
User Recalibration Capability YES YES YES


Operating Instructions

Your inverter output remote display has 4 pressure sensitive switches:
,, [>]. and [<].

Initial Display:
The initial display on power up or when the Reset button is pushed shows two values: the Watts being produced now and the lifetime generated output in KW-HRS (Kilowatt hours).

Changing Displays:
Pressing the [>] and [<] keys will move the display through several modes. Note: Pressing at any time will return the unit to the Initial Display. Should the meter appear to lock up, press to clear.

User Settings:
1. Pressing the [>] switch will display the dollar value of electricity produced and the cents per KWHR used in the calculation. The value of generation produced is permanently stored in memory. The unit cost value, cents/kwhr, is user programmable from this screen. Press to enter into the change mode. Press the [<] or [>] keys to change the value. Press to set the value. Pressing the switch to enter the change mode will display the value to 1/10th of a cent. This more precise value is the number used in calculating dollar values. Press twice to view the change mode and the cents/KWHR in 1/10th cents and return to the display mode without changing the setting.

Note: The normal display mode shows costs in whole cents.

2. Pressing the [>] switch a second time will cause the unit to display Peak Watts. Pressing the switch will remove the stored value from memory. The Peak Watts displayed is the value of Peak Watts that the system produced since the last time the value was cleared from memory by pressing the switch.

3. Pressing the [>] switch a third time will cause the unit to display the dollar value of electrical generation and the KWHRs produced since the last time the memory was cleared. Clear memory was pressing the switch while in this display mode. Some users may choose to register on the first day of each month to show the dollar value and the KWHRs produced each month.

4. Pressing the [>] switch again will return the display to the Initial Display.

Downloadable Documentation

Model 20-CTR

Brand Electronics



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