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Xantrex Link 2000 Cntrl Pnl-To 50Vdc-Frdm/2Bank

Xantrex Link 2000 Cntrl Pnl-To 50Vdc-Frdm/2Bank
Xantrex Link 2000 Cntrl Pnl-To 50Vdc-Frdm/2Bank
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Xantrex Xantrex
LINK 2000 Interface
Inverter/ Charger Controller and
Dual Battery Bank Monitor

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LINK 2000 provides complete state-of-charge battery information for two battery banks and controls the Freedom Inverter/Charger. Know how much time is left in your batteries. The LINK 2000 provides complete DC electrical system information. An easy to read backlit LCD display provides a digital readout of system data. Easy to install.

1. INVERT - Inverter may be turned On or Off independently from charger. When the invert button is pressed the inverter is enabled.

2. CHARGE - The battery charger may be turned On or Off independently. When the charge button is pressed the charger is enabled. When AC power is present, the charger will charge, unless it is shut Off.

3. SET UP - Press the SET UP button to enter the Set Up Mode and Advanced Features Mode. The set up functions are in small text below each of the button's primary functions. This button is also used to access certain advanced functions.

4. DC VOLTS - Displays specific battery voltage for the selected battery bank.

5. DC AMPS - Shows the present flow of current in or out of the selected battery bank. Displays the Amps drawn from the battery for various loads or the charge rate from the charging source.

6. EQUALIZE - Equalizing your batteries allow you to dissolve built up sulfate on the plates of your batteries to help restore battery capacity and extend battery life.

7. AMP HOURS - Amp Hours consumed represents the amount of energy removed from the battery. During battery charging, the LINK 2000 compensates for charging efficiency of the battery as it counts back towards 0. Range +/- 0 - 1,999

8. TIME REMAINING - Time is an estimate of how long the battery can be operated at present load until the LINK 2000 indicates that the battery is completely discharged. It is based on a selectable, time-average rate of discharge. Range +/- 0-255

9. #2 BATTERY - Indicates battery bank #2 is being monitored.

10. #1 BATTERY - Indicates battery bank #1 is being monitored.

LEDs indicate the following: When AC is present and, the different charger stages of the Freedom Inverter/Charger.
1. AC IN: Green LED on when AC is present.
2. CHARGE: Red LED on when charger is in Bulk Charge mode. Flashes Red when charger is in Equalize mode.
3. ACCEPT: Amber LED on when charger is in Acceptance mode.
4. FLOAT: Green LED on when charger is in Float mode.

LINK 2000 Specifications
Heart Interface Part # 84-2000-06
For 12 V or 24 V DC systems
Made in USA. 30 month limited warranty.

Advanced Functions:
Customize the LINK 2000 for your needs with the advanced features and functions. User programable adjustments for the Freedom Inverter/Charger directly from the front panel. Function allows special set up to meet your particular application. The LINK 2000 can be set for four different battery types including wet, gel 1, gel 2 and AGM. Data is used to recall key historical information about the battery banks: charge efficiency , deepest discharge, average discharge and other data.

Link 2000Voltage Measurement:
8.5-50 VDC (0.05 VDC resolution)

Amperage Measurement:
+/- 500 Amps (0-40 A +/- 0.1 A resolution) (40-500 A +/- 1 A resolution)

Amp-hour Measurement:
Low Range +/- 0-199.9 Amp-hours (0.1 Ah resolution)
High Range +/- 200-1,999 Amp-hours (1 Ah resolution)

Time Remaining Measurement:
Low Range 0 to 199.9 Hours (0.1 hour resolution)
High Range 0 to 255 Hours (1 hour resolution)

Power Requirements:
DC Voltage 9-40 VDC
Amperage 28 mA (adjustable back-light adds 1 to 18 mA)

Shunt Type:
500 Amp/ 50 mV (included)

Voltage +/- 0.6% of reading + 1 least count of resolution
Amperage +/- 0.8 % of reading + 1 least count of resolution
Amp-hour ~ Time of measurement x current error

Dimensions 5.75" x 3.72" x 1.25" (146 mm x 95.25 mm x 31.75 mm)
Cut out size 4.75" x 2.75" (120.65 mm x 69.85 mm)
Weight 9 oz (255.15 g) not including shunt.
This is a flush mount unit.

Package Includes:

  • A Link 2000 meter
  • Precision Dual Shunt 500 A/ 50 mV
  • A 25' RJ11 phone cable (meter to inverter)
  • An owners manual.
Components Needed for Installation:
    (but not included)
  • 4 twisted pair, 16 AWG, Qty. 1, available locally or from us:
    25 ft. Heart # 84-2014-00,
    50 ft. Heart # 84-2015-00,
    (approx. 4 weeks for delivery for either cable).
  • 9 connection terminal block Qty. 1 or 9 Butt splices
  • 2 amp fuse and fuse holders Qty. 3
  • Locked spade or ring terminals Qty. 5
  • Mounting screws Qty. 8
  • 3/8" ring terminals for battery side Qty. 3

PDF Documentation

Link 2000 User Guide 827 KB
Link 2000R User Guide 523 KB
Link 2000 and 2000R Data Sheet 770 KB


Información en español hablamos espanol

Hojas de datos técnicos Link 2000 y 2000R




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