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Xantrex 2500W FREEDOM MARINE 25-12 12V Mod. sine

Xantrex 2500W FREEDOM MARINE 25-12 12V Mod. sine
Xantrex 2500W FREEDOM MARINE 25-12 12V Mod. sine
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Freedom Marine

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Freedom Marine Series CombiTM Inverter/Chargers Freedom Marine Series

Freedom Marine inverters provide silent and reliable AC power from your batteries when away from the dock, or when the generator is shut down, yet instantly convert into powerful battery chargers that provide fast, complete and safe charging. Their operation is completely automatic, so you can enjoy your boating while the Freedom Marine handles the electrical chores.

The Freedom Marine has superior surge capability to start almost any load, including small air-conditioning unts, yet is sensitive enough to run microwaves, computers and electronic equipment. A technologically advanced Motorola microprocessor is the brain of the Freedom Marine Inverter/Chager. New (patent-pending) design for maximizing thermal conductivity enhances reliability, runs a lower temperature and prvides high surge capability. The phased-synchronous switching between inverter and shore- or generator-provided power provides seamless transfer, so most computers, microwaves and other power-sensitve elecronics will not recognize a sudden loss of AC power.

New Freedom Marine Inverter/Chargers offer multiple battery bank charging with smart, multi-stage equalization modes to maximize battery life. Secondary and tertiary outputs are provided by digital echo chargers, current-limited to 15 amps. Controlled three-stage charging with built-in temperature sensing ensures that starting and house batteries are brought to appropriate voltages quickly and safely. When used with the Freedom Remote Control or Link instrumentation, these charger/inverters offer four settings: Flooded, Gel 1, Gel 2, and AGM (sealed batteries).

Additional key features include rugged marine-grade construction with conformally coated circuit boards, high and low-battery cut out, thermal and overloaed protection, easy-to-read LED status indicators and improved wiring input and output configurations.


  • Built-in Temperature Sensitive Charging assures appropriate voltage without overcharging the batteries.
  • Built-in 140Amp AC charge controller .
  • Exclusive built-in echo~charge automatically charges additional battery banks without affecting the main house bank. Two and three output models available.
  • Convenient front panel programming, plus independent Invert and Charge controls and battery selection.
  • Easy to read LED's for instant system status
  • Powder coated aluminum case ideal for tough ocean conditions.
Model Output Power DC Volts HZ Charging Rate
Freedom Marine 20-12 2000 watts continuous 12 60 100 Amp
Freedom Marine 25-12 2500 watts continuous 12 60 130 Amp
Freedom Marine 30-12 3000 watts continuous 12 60 140 Amp


PDF Documentation

Freedom Inverters - New Warranty Information 36 KB
Freedom Marine User Guide 3 MB
Freedom Marine Data Sheet 406 KB

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Hojas de datos técnicos Freedom Marine 10, 15, 20, 25 y 30, 2 páginas,68 KB 



30 month Limited Warranty

12 month Limited Warranty (Commercial)


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