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Included with Purchase: 1) One single diaphragm 2) 70'' turbine 3) 12 foot tower kit 4) 3 four foot ground rods 5) 50' PVC 300 psi air hose and fittings 6) One 9'' air diffuser 7) Installation manual and hardware

Superior Windmill Inc.Superior Windmill Inc.
Jet Stream
Turbo Jet Stream
Superior PlusTurbo Jet Stream
Mechanical Aeration Windmills

Mechanical Aeration Windmill Theory of Operation

Under the water's surface there are aerobic bacteria feeding on organic matter, which consumes large quantities of oxygen. When this oxygen becomes depleted, hydrogen sulfide gas is produced as a byproduct. This causes the water to turn black and a foul odor follows, similar to rotting eggs. When you use a Superior Windmill the water stays aerated preventing this problem from happening. You can be assured that by using our single diaphragm (JET STREAM) pump, or our double diaphragm pump (TURBO JET STREAM), the oxygen level in your water remains high and your water clean.

Aeration systems are ways of adding air to water in order to replenish its oxygen levels. The more air that is pumped into the water the better the circulation, thus reducing chances of bacteria build up and stratification. This process is most commonly used with non-free flowing bodies of water such as lakes, ponds, farm dugouts, reservoirs etc...

The oxygen that is pumped into the water is extremely effective in breaking down organic matter and sludge (beneficial bacteria that culminates at the bottom).

How Aeration Systems Impact Water Quality

Aeration systems are useful all year round in order to keep bodies of water healthy. The Canadian Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada have done enormous research on this topic to assist farmers in particular with the water quality of their farm dugouts.

View this flash demonstration published by the Canadian Government on pond aeration.

Pond Aeration Flash Demo

Product Specifications:

    • Tower height is 12 foot or 20 foot
    • Stance of base is 61" for the 12 foot tower or 97" for the 20 foot tower

    • Upwind turbine is 70" in diameter

    • Fan blades, hub, tail and stand are manufactured from galvanized steel.
    • The hub assembly and compressor are pre-assembled at the factory to assist with ease of installation and proper operation of the moving parts.

    • We use a direct drive system with a diaphragm stroke of 9/16" in the transmission
    • Over-speed is controlled by the turbine furling out of the wind as required

    • Jetstream Pump = 38 lbs
    • Turbo Jetstream Pump = 49.5 lbs
    • Blade = 47 lbs
    • Tower 12' = 193 lbs
    • Tower 20' = 271 lbs

    Performance Specifications
    • Max air psi207 Kpa (30 psi)
    • Volume of Air Produced
    • Jetstream Single cylinder pump
      • 90 cfH or 1.5 cfm @ 15 Kph (9 Mph)
    • Turbo Jetstream Dual cylinder pump
      • 180 cfH or 3.0 cfm @ 15 Kph (9 Mph)

Note Package Contents:

  • The Jet Stream Package includes:
    • One single diaphragm compressor
    • 70” turbine
    • 12 or 20 foot tower kit
    • 3 four-foot ground rods
    • 50’ of PVC 300 psi air hose and fittings
    • One 9” air diffuser
    • Installation manual and hardware
  • The Turbo Jet Stream Package includes everything in the Jetstream Package except:
    • One dual diaphragm compressor instead of the single diaphragm model
  • The Superior Plus Turbo Jet Stream Package includes everything in the Turbo Jetstream Package plus:
    • Dual Diffuser Package
    • Manifold and fittings
    • 100’ of PVC 300 psi air hose and fittings
    • One more 9” air diffuser
    • One inline pressure gauge
    • Freeze Control Kit

Mouseover hotspots for detailsFeatures Large Blade Size High Efficiency Tail Design Thrust Ball Bearing on Pivot Post Revolutionary Diaphragm Design Low Maintenance Design Strong Tower Design Optional Freeze Control Superior Delivery Easy Assembly and Quality Support SUPERIOR Warranty

There are two main ways to aerate your ponds, lakes or dugouts…By Surface or Diffused Aeration

Surface Aeration - are systems that come in the form of Fountains or Jets and are primarily used to produce surface level oxygen in the water. They splash the surface and help control top level algae and weeds, they do not aerate down to the bottom. This type of aeration looks attractive but as research indicates, is one of the most ineffective ways to keep your water healthy. Oxygen never gets to the bottom of the water where it is needed to organically break down the sludge that constantly enters the water and sinks down.

Diffused Aeration – are systems where air is pumped into the water and through air diffusers that lie at the bottom of the pond, lake, or dugout. This achieves total pond aeration from the bottom to the top regardless of the depth of the water. These systems are both more effective and economical, for it requires far less energy to push air in a diffused aeration system than it does pushing water through fountains or jets.

By harnessing the wind you can oxygenate and de-stratify your pond. Our “Superior” line of Windmills has been redesigned to provide ample supplemental oxygen levels to improve the health of your ponds, lakes, dugouts or reservoirs. Ideally suited for areas needing aeration without electricity nearby and can be located hundreds of feet away from the water's edge, if necessary to catch more wind.

Superior Windmill Aeration systems will:

  • Help prevent algae and weed growth
  • Help prevent water discoloration
  • Eliminate thermal stratification
  • Reduce the Biological Oxygen demand
  • Reduce the sedimentation rate causing a build up of sludge and muck
  • Improve water clarity and cleanliness
  • Reduce chemical use and costs of chemicals
  • Reduce overall costs of maintaining a healthy pond, lake, dugout or reservoir.
  • Eliminates fish kills and promotes healthy aquatic life
  • Eliminate foul odors
  • Cost no money to operate

Who uses Aeration Systems

From farm dugouts and septic systems to small and multi-acre sized residential ponds. SUPERIOR WINDMILL is the clear choice for aeration systems and installation. Proper aeration of the water source can prevent the release of sediment-bound nutrients, and reduce corresponding algae blooms. In addition, supplemental aeration can facilitate decomposition of organic material, and minimize oxygen-related stress on fish. This is particularly critical during the summer months, when water temperatures are capable of holding less oxygen. It is also critical in the winter months for its keeps these bodies of water from totally freezing over – critical to the health of any body of water.


Many farmers have water dugouts throughout their property allowing for convenient and cost effective irrigation of crops and clean water supply for grazing cattle and horses. Superior Windmill aeration systems helps farmers keep their animals safe from disease and crops healthy by keeping a farm's water sources clean. Studies have shown that when cattle drink healthy water they gain more weight.


Aeration systems dissolve oxygen into water and the more oxygen that is present the healthier the aquatic life will be. Fish Hatcheries need additional oxygen in their water for two main reasons. The first is to oxidize or burn up the additional amounts of pollution created by the large amounts of fish waste. Second is to give the fish more oxygen to live so that all the fish get ample supply of this resource ensuring that both the strong and the weak survive. Limiting the amounts of fish kill can mean the difference between profit and loss in these hatcheries.


Residential areas, corporate parks or condominium communities are often complaining about the water clarity and odor in their local ponds. Superior Windmill's design of a low maintenance, high volume aeration system that is decorative, energy efficient and noise free is the perfect solution. The water oxygenation results in the elimination of bad odors and increases water clarity in no time. This solution is extremely effective for ponds of any size from 1/2 acre right up to small lakes 5-10 acres.


For small drinking water reservoirs Superior Windmill has designed diffusers to improve water quality in various sized reservoirs. A properly designed submersed air diffusion system can effectively circulate large areas of water with minimal to no energy requirements. In addition to the submersed aeration systems, Superior Windmill offers the winterized kit ensuring you that your water is safe to drink during all four seasons.


Courses are deploying aeration systems to help oxidize or burn up the waste that is being created by the ducks and other birds that are making their homes in these recreational paradises. Without adequate aeration these scenic courses can begin to smell like garbage dumps. The smell combined with the odd looking color of the water has driven many course owners to install Superior Windmill Aeration Systems.


These associations are discovering that these systems can be of great benefit in maintaining healthy water sources and supplies for their inhabitants. Having limited resources these federations require a cost effective, reliable and low maintenance solution to keeping their ponds and lakes healthy. They are turning to Superior Windmill.

PDF Documentation:

Assembly Manual (419 Kb)

Superior Windmill Inc.

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