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Xantrex SW4048 4kW, 48V Inverter (Grid Tie Capable)

Xantrex SW4048 4kW, 48V Inverter (Grid Tie Capable)
Xantrex SW4048 4kW, 48V Inverter (Grid Tie Capable)
Item code Model number Volts Watts
XANSW4048 SW4048 48V 4000W
Near Pure Sinewave Grid Tie and Backup Power Inverter

Trace / XantrexTrace / Xantrex
SW Series Inverter
Sine Wave Power

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SW Series Inverter/ChargersProblem: Some inverters simply cannot supply power clean enough for equipment like clocks, timers, laser printers, photocopiers, bread makers and pellet stoves. And modified sine wave inverters sometimes cause "noise" on radios or tv sets.

Solution: The Trace SW-series, the world's best and most advanced inverter.

  • New design makes it easy to use. With separate "use" and "setup" menus, new backlit display, improved wiring access and greater generator compatibility.
  • Advanced engineering boosts efficiency . The SW is over 90% efficient through most of its load range, peaking at 96% efficiency. There's negligible idle current.
  • Smart features make it more reliable. New "soft start" system allows inverter to run heavier loads with improved reliability.
  • Intelligence eliminates guesswork. "Brainy" Trace SW inverters can be programmed to perform a multitude of tasks like automatic generator start and stop, automatic load sensing, and generator support.
  • Protective circuitry guards against downtime. Including over-current, short circuit, over temperature, low battery and high battery conditions.
  • Feed-back ability makes you a power broker. When connected to a renewable energy system, The SW can feed excess energy back to the utility grid.
  • Charger keeps your batteries happy. All Trace SW inverters include a built-in, fully automatic, three-stage battery charger. It's designed for maximum charging while using minimum generator time and fuel.
  • Outputs match any need. The SW comes in 2.5 kw /12 volt output to 5.5 kw/48 volt models. Most popular models: 4 kw, 24 and 48 volt inverters.
  • Stacking offers power to spare. Stack the SW in series for 120/240 VAC output and increased total capacity. With a surge rating 2.5 times greater than their continuous power rating, there is almost nothing that will not start and run on one (or two) of these inverters. (Export models are not stackable, including 230 VAC 50 Hz, 105 VAC 50 Hz 105 VAC 60 Hz.)
  • Battery Temperature Sensor (BTS) comes as standard equipment with all SW Series inverters.

Available Remote Control Accessory:
SW Communications Adapter

The SWCA serial communications interface adapter allows for remote set-up, adjustment, troubleshooting and monitoring of SW series inverters from a personal computer. Connection to the SWCA can be via 4 conductor phone type cable or with standard PC modems over telephone line.


SW Series II Specifications

SW4024 SW3024E SW4048 SW3048E SW5548 SW4548E
Nominal DC Input Voltage 24 VDC 24 VDC 48 VDC 48 VDC 48 VDC 48 VDC
AC Output Voltage (RMS) 120 VAC 230 VAC 120 VAC 230 VAC 120 VAC 230 VAC
Nominal Frequency 60 Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz 50 Hz
Continuous Power @ 25°C 4000 VA 3300 VA 4000 VA 3300 VA 5500 VA 4500 VA
Continuous AC Output (@ 25 °C) 33 amps 14 amps 33 amps 14 amps 46 amps 20 amps
Maximum AC Output (RMS) 78 amps 34 amps 78 amps 34 amps 78 amps 34 amps
Efficiency (peak) 94% 94% 95% 95% 96% 96%
Automatic AC Transfer Relay 60 amps 30 amps 60 amps 30 amps 60 amps 30 amps
Maximum Charging Rate 120 amps 100 amps 60 amps 50 amps 75 amps 60 amps
DC Input Requirements
Search Mode 0.04A (1W) 0.04A (1W) 0.025A (1W) 0.025A (1W) 0.04A (1W) 0.04A (1W)
On Mode (no load - idle) 0.66A (16W) 0.66A (16W) 0.33A (16W) 0.33A (16W) 0.40A (20W) 0.40A (20W)
At Full Rated Power 200 amps 166 amps 100 amps 83 amps 137 amps 106 amps
Short Circuit Output 360 amps 320 amps 180 amps 160 amps 180 amps 138 amps
Nominal DC Input Voltage Range 22 to 33 22 to 33 44 to 66 44 to 66 44 to 66 44 to 66
AC Output Characteristics
AC Output Waveform Sine wave, 34 to 52 steps per cycle
Voltage Regulation +/- 2%
Total Harmonic Distortion 3 to 5% (stand alone operation)
Power Factor Allowed
-1 to 1
Frequency Regulation
+/- 0.04% (crystal regulated)
Load Sensing Range
16 to 240 Watts


Remote Control Panel (50 ft. max.) SWRC SWRC SWRC SWRC SWRC SWRC
Stacking Interface for double power SWI* No SWI* No SWI* No
(*requires two inverters) (120/240)   (120/240)   (120/240)  
DC Disconnect Breaker DC 250 DC 250 DC 175 DC 175 DC 250 DC 175
DC Battery / Inverter Cables BC5-4/0 BC5-4/0 BC5-2/0 BC5-2/0 BC5-4/0 BC5-2/0
Enclosure Type
Indoor, ventilated, steel chassis with powdercoat finish
Specified Temp Range
32°F to 104°F (0°C to +40°C) (output will meet specified regulation tolerances)
Allowed Temp Range
-40°F to 140°F (-40°C to +60°C)
Dimensions - Inverter Only
15" (38 cm) high, 22.5" (57 cm) wide, 9" (23 cm) deep (wall mounted)
Dimensions - Shipping
20.5" (52 cm), 27" (69 cm), 15.5" (40 cm)
Wall or Shelf Mount
Weight - Inverter Only 105lbs (48kg) 105lbs (48kg) 105lbs (48kg) 105lbs (48kg) 136lbs (63kg) 136lbs (63kg)
Weight - Shipping 111lbs (50kg) 111lbs (50kg) 111lbs (50kg) 111lbs (50kg) 143lbs (65kg) 143lbs (65kg)
Other Voltage/frequency for export are as follows: 
(two wire output only)

Additional Options: Outdoor Enclosure for SW Inverters


Islanding Protection

All of the SW series inverter/chargers include the following protective systems. These systems are used to protect the inverter and the installer/operator/utility personnel from hazardous conditions. (Note: Despite these high quality protections, United Laboratories has changed its anti-islanding standards, requiring that a GTI or Grid Tie Interface be installed between SW inverters and the utility grid.) The standard protection is as follows:

  • Grid shorted -- Normally, when the utility power fails, the inverter momentarily tries to power the entire neighborhoud. This condition looks like a short circuit to the inverter and causes it to reach the overcurrent protection setting and shuts off. It then opens it internal relay and disconnects from the utility grid. This protective system operates instantly (under four milliseconds).
  • Grid open -- The inverter can tell when there is no current being delivered to the grid and it will disconnect. This is used when a disconnected switch is opened or the power line which feeds the installation is cut. This protective system may require up to one second to respond.
  • Islanding -- This occurs when the grid has failed and the "neigborhood" that the inverter is powering requires the same amount of power that the inverter can supply. This balanced condition is often called "islanding". The islanding detection circuit checks the grid condition on each cycle. The inverter watches the utility grid and waits for it to rise a couple of volts before it begins to invert again. This is done on each cycle when SELL mode is activated. Typically, disconnection is achieved in a few cycles after the utility has failed. If a large electric motior is connected, it may provide enough generator capacity that the inverter thinks the grid is still connected. This can fool this protective system. Two additional protective systems are provided to then handle this condition over/under frequency and over/under voltage detection.
  • Over/Under Frequency -- Since the inverter locked onto the frequency of the "Islanded" utility grid, the frequency of the system will drift out of regulation in a short amount of time during an islanding condition. This protective system may require up to one second to respond. The inverter will shut off disconnect after the frequency exceeds +/- 1 hertz of the nominal frequency.
  • Over/Under Voltage -- Since the inverter does not regulate the voltage of the utility grid while selling power into it, the AC voltage will drift out of regulation in short amount of time during an islanding condition. This protective system may require up to one second to respond. The inverter will shut off and disconnect after the voltage exceeds =/- 10% of the nominal AC voltage.

Each SW series inverter/charger is individually tested to ensure operation of the islanding protection system. A signed certificate by the test technician of the test results are included with each unit.

Specifications subject to change without notice.



Trace / Xantrex

Stacked SW4048 for remote cabin


I recently bougth two SW4048s and stacked them to provide 3 wire 220V for my remote Cabin. Although I have utility power availble, I have not yet connected it. The SW4048 are very flexible. Their programability is excellent and allowed me to untilize
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