Solar Incentives and Rebates in Puerto Rico

Peak Sun Hours (PSH): 4.7 - 5.7
Cost of Grid Power: $0.13/kWh

What’s the Cost of Solar in Puerto Rico?

Cost of Grid Power

Puerto Rico's electricity prices average $0.13/kWh, just below the national average of $0.14/kWh.

What Incentives are Available in Puerto Rico?

Data from DSIRE. For more info visit: https://www.dsireusa.org/

Name Implementing Sector Program Type Administrator DSIRE ID
Puerto Rico - Tax Deduction for Solar Energy Systems State Personal Tax Deduction Puerto Rico Energy Affairs Administration 181
Excise Tax Exemption for Farming Businesses State Sales Tax Incentive Energy Affairs Administration 249
Excise Tax Exemption for Vehicles State Sales Tax Incentive Energy Affairs Administration 306
Puerto Rico - Renewable Energy Equipment Certification State Equipment Certification 308
Industry Incentives State Industry Recruitment/Support 310
Puerto Rico - Property Tax Exemption for Solar and Renewable Energy Equipment State Property Tax Incentive Energy Affairs Administration 2842
Puerto Rico - Excise Tax Exemption for Farmers State Sales Tax Incentive Departmento de Hacienda 2844
Puerto Rico - Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Green Energy State Sales Tax Incentive Energy Affairs Administration 3182
Green Buildings Standard for Public Buildings State Energy Standards for Public Buildings 3184
Puerto Rico - Economic Development Incentives for Renewables State Industry Recruitment/Support Office of Industrial Tax Exemption 3185
Puerto Rico - Energy Transformation Plan State Other Policy 5524


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