Solar Incentives and Rebates in Oregon

Peak Sun Hours (PSH): 3.7 - 4.5
Cost of Grid Power: $0.11/kWh
Number Of Installations: 21,487

What’s the Cost of Solar in Oregon?

Cost of Grid Power

Oregon's electricity prices average $0.11/kWh, below the national average of $0.14/kWh.

In 2018 hydroelectric accounted for over half of in-state power generation, with another third accounted for by natural gas. Two thirds of the state's hydroelectric power comes from dams along the Columbia River. The state is also leading the nation in large-scale hydrokinetic power plant development.

Cost of a Solar Install

Cost of a typical 6kW PV install in Oregon from 2005-2017

A graph of falling prices for a typical 6kW PV install in Oregon from 2005-2017.
Figures include design costs. Data from Berkeley Lab.

The average cost of a 6kW (equivalent to saving almost _100_ trees a year) solar power system starts around $15,000 in Oregon. That system would pay for itself through energy savings with 6.2-7.6 years. System life can span well over 25 years, and savings will improve with inflation.

What Incentives are Available in Oregon?

Data from DSIRE. For more info visit:

Name Implementing Sector Program Type Administrator DSIRE ID
Solar and Wind Easements & Rights Laws & Local Option Solar Rights Law State Solar/Wind Access Policy 4
Net Metering State Net Metering 39
Fuel Mix and Emissions Disclosure State Generation Disclosure 187
City of Eugene - Solar Standards Local Solar/Wind Access Policy 295
Large Scale Solar Electric Demonstration Project for Public and Non-profit Organizations State Rebate Program The Energy Trust of Oregon 339
Portland - Solar Access Permit Local Solar/Wind Access Policy 471
Contractor Licensing State Solar/Wind Contractor Licensing 644
Interconnection Standards State Interconnection 802
EWEB - PV Eugene Utility Performance-Based Incentive Eugene Water & Electric Board 1047
City of Ashland - Green Building Incentive Local Green Building Incentive Ashland Electric Utilities Department 1996
Tax Credit for Renewable Energy Equipment Manufacturers State Industry Recruitment/Support 2771
Local Option - Local Improvement Districts State PACE Financing Programs administered locally 3561
Solar Permitting Law State Solar/Wind Permitting Standards 4892
Renewable Energy Development Grant Program State Grant Program Oregon Department of Energy 5305
Energy Conservation Tax Credits - Competitively-Selected Projects (Corporate) State Corporate Tax Credit Oregon Department of Energy 5370
Energy Conservation Tax Credits - Competitively-Selected Projects (Personal) State Personal Tax Credit Oregon Department of Energy 5371
Central Lincoln People's Utility District - Renewable Energy Incentive Program Utility Rebate Program Central Lincoln People's Utility District 5377
Local Option - Rural Renewable Energy Development Zones State Property Tax Incentive The Oregon Business Development Commission 5416
Ashland Electric Utility - Residential Conservation Rebate Program Utility Rebate Program City of Ashland 5658
Emerald PUD - Solar Electric Program Utility Rebate Program 5775
SB 1149 Schools Program State Public Benefits Fund 5803
Self-Direction of Public Purpose Charges (LECPPP) State Public Benefits Fund 5837
Savings Within Reach State Rebate Program 5863
PGE Renewable Development Fund Utility Grant Program 5871
PGE Renewable Development Fund Utility Grant Program Portland General Electric Co 5872
City of Ashland - Green Business Program Local Other City of Ashland 14645
Columbia River PUD - Free Business Energy Evaluations Utility Energy Analysis Columbia River PUD 14657
Energy Trust of Oregon - Equipment Upgrades and Retrofits State Energy Analysis Energy Trust of Oregon 14668
Portland General Electric - Energy Classes Utility Training and Information Portland General Electric 14719
McMinnville Water & Light -Commercial Energy Programs Utility Energy Analysis McMinnville Water & Light 16141
Midstate Electric Cooperative - Energy Audits Utility Energy Analysis Midstate Electric Cooperative 16142
Tillamook People's Utility District - Energy Efficiency Products and Services Utility Energy Analysis Tillamook People's Utility District 16146
Eugene Water & Electric Board - EnergySmart Grocer Program Utility Energy Analysis Eugene Water & Electric Board 16692
Springfield Utility Board - Industrial Incentives Utility Other Springfield Utility Board 16695
Portland General Electric - Free Energy Consultation Utility Energy Analysis Portland General Electric 16789
Energy Trust of Oregon - Solar for Your Business State Training and Information Energy Trust of Oregon 17380
Blachly-Lane County Coop Electric Association - Net Metering Other Other Blachly-Lane County Coop Electric Association 19423
Coos-Curry Electric Coop- Net Metering Other Other Coos-Curry Electric Coop 19429
Wasco Electric Cooperative - Net Metering Other Other Wasco Electric Cooperative 19443
Emerald PUD - Commercial Energy Programs Utility Energy Analysis Emerald PUD 19547
Portland Energy Conservation - Grocery Programs Non-Profit Energy Analysis CLEAResult 19637
Choice Energy - Renewable Wind Power Utility Other 20127
Portland General Electric - Choose Renewable Utility Energy Analysis Portland General Electric 20993
Portland General Electric - Energy Monitoring Utility Energy Analysis Portland General Electric 20994
Idaho Power - Green Power Program Utility Other Idaho Power 21575
Idaho Power - FlexPeak Management Utility Energy Analysis Idaho Power 21591
BetterBricks- Daylighting - Integrated Design Lab Other Energy Analysis BetterBricks 21662
Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance - Energy Training Calendar Other Training and Information Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance 21663
Northwest Energy Education Institute - Energy Management Certification Programs Other Training and Information Northwest Energy Education Institute 21664
Northwest Energy Education Institute - Energy Management Certificate Other Training and Information 21665
U.S. Department of Energy - Industrial Assessment Center (IAC): Oregon State University Federal Energy Analysis U.S. Department of Energy 21691
Oregon Commercial Energy Efficiency Programs State Energy Analysis 21913
BetterBricks - Integrated Design Lab State Energy Analysis Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) 21926
Energy Trust of Oregon - Industrial and Agricultural Programs Utility Other Energy Trust of Oregon 21979
West Oregon Electric Cooperative - Equal Pay (Net Metering) Utility Other West Oregon Electric Cooperative 21980
Columbia River PUD - Save Energy at Work Utility Other Columbia River PUD 21982
Bonneville Power Administration - Energy Efficiency Implementation Manual Utility Training and Information Bonneville Power Administration 21984
Bonneville Power Administration - Energy Smart Industrial (ESI) program Utility Other Bonneville Power Administration 21986
Idaho Power - Commercial/Industrial Training Utility Training and Information Idaho Power 21987
Columbia River PUD - Solar PV Net Metering Rebate Utility Rebate Program 22109
Energy Storage Procurement Target State Energy Storage Target 22117


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