terry roberts

Hello my name is robbymax a member of the BVS
I own a battery vehicle a berlingo electrique
I also own a battery home and I will tell you about it.Three years ago I started to get concerned about the rising cost of electricity.
And using the internet I researched solar energy, and thought I would have a go at designing a system for my bungalow the basic requirement being a south facing roof no problem got that.
How big would it have to be? Was sorted buy monitoring consumption daily for a month?
I decided to engineer an off grid system for maximum economy
And I will explain why, we don’t get enough sunshine all year round to run everything and when the batteries don’t get enough charge during the day I wanted to use economy 7 to provide any short fall and by using a time clock and my own switching system everything would work.
Three years later having spent £17,000 pounds the system is working fine. From March to September on good days the house is off grid and self sufficient but the difference between a good day and a bad day is enormous pv panels need unbroken sun light the smallest cloud makes a big difference on the charge readout so on a good day the best recorded was 523amps and the worst cloudy day gave just 32amps when the weather is bad I can set economy7 charge times To always allow
the batteries to start the day ¾ charged, but if I see the batteries becoming fully charged I just plug in the berlingo
Can’t waste any can we
This has been a learning experience and there were times when I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew, I have made some mistakes and if anyone wants to now I will tell them but there was nothing major.
Was it worth it?
All I have to do is save more on electricity
Than the money would have made in the bank
And what do you know interest rates have just dropped to 5%
And electricity has gone up.