Jim Case

I grew up in the RV business as my dad owned a dealership. I worked as a troubleshooter/tech for GM (GMC Motor Home Div.) untill the late 70\\\'s. When the first oil crisis came in the early 80\\\'s I switched gears and went into the HVAC industry with my own company untill the early 90\\\'s. Since then I have worked HVAC, Electrical contracting and Solar technologies. What a ride! Now, more than ever, I am focused on alt.energy. I just hope I live long enough to see it grow up and be somebody!!! If we could get the government out of bed with the oil companys, and for that matter, the oil companys out of the alt.energy field, we could crawl out of this mess in a few years.

Jim, [email protected] If you e-mail put alt.energy in subject line. Thanks

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