Your Path to EmPOWERment!

Your Path to EmPOWERment!

Welcome to the wonderful world of renewable energy! Whether you’re just beginning to explore the possibilities of using renewable energy or you’re ready to install your very own system, here’s an idea of what’s in store for you as you continue down the path toward energy independence.

Where are you on the RE Path?

From Renewable Energy Newbie to Power Producer

You’ll notice that most of the steps focus on the learning and investigation that you will do. That’s because you’re investing in a renewable energy system that will hopefully be with you for many years to come. While we at AltE might not be able to do all the research for you, we can help guide you through each step of your journey and provide educational resources to help YOU be the successful owner of a clean energy-producing system.


1.  “I’ve got to do something about these energy costs!”
You realize that the cost of energy is only going to rise and you decide to investigate your options.

2.  “I want to do something “green” for the planet.”
You’re motivated to reduce your environmental impact by finding a solution that works for you.

3.  “I want to learn more.”
You pursue the 3 R’s of RE: Read, Research and Read (well, reading is very important!)

4.  “Where am I going to learn more?”
You consult informational sources: our web How-to section, webinars, books, other people with systems, workshops, etc.

5.  “I’m serious.  I’m really going to do something with RE!”
You attend a workshop to learn even more.

6.  “How am I going to pay for this?”
You identify budget and financing options.

7.  “Who is going to install this system?”
Are you handy with tools and willing to do the research to learn about a safe installation? Would you prefer to pay to have the system designed and installed by someone else?

8.  “What do I need?”
AltE works with you on product and system recommendations, using the results of your research and system requirements.

9.  “How do I hook these things up?”
You review the installation manual for every product you plan to purchase, preferably before buying.

10.  “I’m installing!”
You install a safe and effective RE system.

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