Solar Payback & Incentive Calculator

Calculate how many years it will take to payback your investment into solar and see a breakdown of state and federal incentives and rebates.

For every dollar you put into energy conservation, you can save $3-$5 in the cost of producing your own power.

The last time you bought a car, did you ask the dealership to calculate the payback period?  Cars are something we buy, that we never break even on, yet we don't always buy the cheapest car we can.  When you bought those new pair of shoes or the iPad you had to have,  did you compare the cost of the item, to the benefit's you'd get from it?  The point is we make decisions to buy things all the time, and cost is not the only factor.  It could be the way something makes you feel, or the way it makes you look.  Or it could just be the latest trend. 

Going solar is not going to make you rich, but it is good for the environment, will increase the value of your home, and makes us less susceptible to the ever increasing costs of energy.  As you use the calculator below, think about all the benefits, and not just the bottom line cost. 

Estimate my solar energy system.

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