Sizing MPPT Charge Controllers

Sizing MPPT Charge Controllers

Learn how to size a MPPT solar charge contoller for your off-grid solar electric system. Also learn how to take advantage of some of the benefits of the MPPT solar charge controllers.

How to Size a Solar Charge Controllers

Outback Power's MX60, an MPPT Charge Controller


Sizing MPPT solar charge controllers by hand can be one of the more difficult takes for a system designer. Unlike PWM or shunt controllers, many MPPT controllers have the ability to down convert higher voltage PV (solar panel) arrays to lower voltage battery banks. In order to do the calculations, a few different NEC (national electric code) factors are required. To explain this process is beyond the scope of this article, but we can give a couple of web links to get you close. If you are unsure of the correct controller for you, contact a solar professional to help. Here are some links to manufacturers’ websites that include sizing tools for their controllers.

MPPT Solar Charge Controller Sizing Tools from the Manufacturers

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