Help - I'm New! Where to start?

Help - I'm New! Where to start?

Are you a newbie to alternative energy and don't know where to get started? Follow the steps here to help lead yourself through the many useful education resources offered by AltE.

Are you interested in an alternative energy system but just not sure where to start? You can be sure you are not alone! Whether you are interested a whole home solar electric or wind power system, or if you are interested in using an inverter in your RV or a small solar power system for school project the process of getting started is much the same.

First, the best advice we can give you is to take a little time to educate yourself before jumping into your first project. You will find a ton of free educational resources on this site. You might find the article Beginner's Guide to Solar and Wind Energy and our Getting Started with RE section good places to visit first. But be sure not to miss our ever-expanding Library.

which has many articles on specific technologies such as solar water heating, PV system components and energy efficiency.

Second, you will want to review our Books, Classes and Webinars page of our store. They are free to watch online, and they provide even more depth and details than are covered on our website.

Third, visit our free discussion forum where you are sure to meet other newcomers as well as experienced professionals. There is a ton of information shared on our Forum every day. Join in and we’re sure you’ll get lots of great advice.

Finally, after coming up to speed through reading our free online educational resources please feel free to ask our technical sales staff questions specific to your renewable energy project. You may submit your questions online here , or by calling our toll-free number and talking with our technical sales team. We can also give you a free quote for your system if you fill out one of our forms here .

Welcome to the world of renewable energy and to AltE. We want your renewable energy related project... every one of them... to be a success.

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