Assessing the Hydro Power You Generate with the LH1000 & Stream Engine

Learn how to determine how much power you can expect to generate with ES&D's Stream Engine and LH1000 micro hydro electric turbines after finding out how much flow and head your river or stream has.

To determine the power available at a site, head and flow measurements must be taken. Flow is the rate at which water moves, measured in liters per minute (I/m) or gallons per minute (gpm). This can be measured by channeling the water into a pipeline, then into a container of a known volume, noting the time it takes to do so. Head can be measured by using a transit, by siting along a level, or by using a pressure gauge at the end of the pipeline. It is important to keep in mind that output can only be accurately determined if head and flow measurements are made correctly, so care should be taken during this process.

Stream Engine Output  (Watts Continuous) 

FLOW Litres/Min (GALLONS/MIN)      
Head Metres (Feet) 40 (10) 80 (20) 150 (40) 300 (75) 400 (100)
3 (10)   20 50 90 120
6 (20) 15 40 100 180 230
15(50) 45 110 230 450 600
30 (100) 80 200 500 940 1100
60(200) 150 400 900 1600  

LH1000 Output  (Watts Continuous) 

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