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Posted by Tom Hughes on Jul 6, 2001 08:36 pm

#1 -  Renewable Energy > Wanted > Re: Looking for solar-powered pool heater...
     I made one out of 2" black plastic pipe curved in a large circle about 5' high and placed in a glass enclosed box, attached a water pump and recycled the water in and out of the pool. Was hot enough, sometimes toohot, even in cool weather. Extends swimming about 1-2 mo.'s.

Posted by Tom Hughes on Jul 6, 2001 05:10 pm

#2 -  Renewable Energy > Wanted > Re: wind power
    There is a new company(14yrs. Old) that has an inventor working on a wind tunnel to place on top of an avg. size home and will generate enough power to run the whole house and for a reasonable amount. This company is called EcoQuest Intl. and their website is, located in Tennessee. The premier of the Wind Tree will be in Sept 2001-tell your friends, neighbors, etc. This will be the biggest and best news to hit the public since electricity became common. Go to their websie and click on The Wind Tree graphic and you will get a glimpse of the prototype. I am a senior dealer with the co. and all sales will be through our dealers, to prevent a large corp. from buying the project and patent and raising the price where no one could afford it. this is for all people in this country.

Posted by Tom Hughes on Jul 6, 2001 12:22 pm

#3 -  Renewable Energy > For Sale > Re: pond
    Just saw your message, so I am a bit late but check out this site for solar powered water pumps, this helps.
Email me and let me know what you did. I have been entertaining this idea of aerating my lake also. Tom H.

Posted by Tom Hughes on Jul 6, 2001 11:59 am

#4 -  Renewable Energy > For Sale > Re: Any ideas would be appreciated
      Check out and click on Wind Tree-this amazing product has been under wraps for 2-3 years by the inventor and will be premiering Set 5, 2001. this elect.generating wind tunnel can operate on as little as 5 mph. wind and generate enough elect. for an avg. house.
sold only by independent dealers (I am a senior dealer),it is rumored to be placed on top of a house and will be priced low enough for the avg. consumer. It is being distributed this way to prevent a large corp. from buying it out and raising the price-price gouging.You can contact me @ e-mail above or at tomhughes @
Stay tuned for great news.

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