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Posted by Rich Parker on May 8, 2008 11:30 am

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"Rich, I'm having a hard time getting the numbers that you have given me to add up. I'm not aware of any Sears DieHard battery that is 6V or any voltage other than 12V. Golf cart batteries are usually 36V or 48V."


Most golf carts are 36 volt systems but by 6 six volt batteries.

My Sears 6 volts are comparable to the Trojan 6 volt batteries sold on this site.

They're pretty buff. 6 of those in a clubcar golf cart can carry 2 golfers and clubs for 54 holes of golf before recharging. That's approx 15 hours and almost 12 miles.


Posted by Rich Parker on May 6, 2008 07:40 pm

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I've already been scolded by Morgan (my account rep at Freetricity) for buying the worst possible deep cycle batteries so I am going to switch to an AGM type later this week. But they are Diehard # 27321. Want to buy them from me:)

I have a cheap digital multi meter I got at a discount house and the voltage setting above 20 VDC doesn't work so I have been reading the battery voltages in two's (sometimes ones) to make up for it. I only read the voltages when the green light on my controller says fully charged.

I have been charging them then dumping into my transfer switch so I could see how long they would last. It's been working for me so far so I'll continue 1 day on two days off until I become a more sophisticated user.

I haven't got an electric bill yet to show what I have saved but I average around 820 KWH's a month and since I am getting one day free out of every three I am expecting to save at least that much and from my thinking if it saves me 33% off my electric bill each month it is a hands down slam dunk success.

I get my meter reading next week so I am hoping I can view the KWH's used online shortly after that.

My inverter is a 1500 watt unit.


Posted by Rich Parker on May 6, 2008 02:12 pm

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I see your website is still awaiting upload. Have you received the WindMaster from Freetricity yet and can you let us know how it is working for you?



I thought I'd wait until I had my system up and running for 30 days before responding.

I received my 24 volt high wind system. Installed it and after a couple of days decided the high wind version was not for me.

I returned it for the low wind version that I received at the end of March and that unit works much better for my location.

My system includes a 24 volt low wind WindMaster, 4 six volt Sears Die Hard golf cart deep cycle batteries, a Xantex C-35 charge controller, an Aims 24 volt pure sine wave inverter  and a Gen Tran manual transfer switch.

I'm not in the windiest area (I get a regular afternoon wind for 4 - 5 hours) of the country but my results are as follows.

It takes on average 2 days in my low wind area to charge the batteries to full charge. Since the batteries are still new and have only been cycled about 20 times or so my full charge is reading about 12.56 volts not the 12.8 I expect after a few more battery charge/discharge cycles.

Once the batteries are charged I get about 1 full day of use into the circuits I have wired into my transfer switch.

I have monitored the device almost religiously since April 1st and I think it is an outstanding product. I have noticed a few things I don't really understand though.

When the battery and charger are in the bulk charge state the charge happens at a way faster rate than when they are in the middle or absorption stage.

Does anyone know why? Can I do something to speed this up?

In conclusion:

A) The WindMaster looked way better than when I visited Freetricity. Better manufacturing all round.

B) In my low wind area I get 1 full day use out of 2 days of charging time and I think that is outstanding.

My website is currently being developed and I will post pictures of my system ASAP!

The WindMaster is extremely well built performs better than I expected so I expect my distributorship will do great!

To quote my son "I'm totally stoked"!


Posted by Rich Parker on Feb 8, 2008 04:10 pm

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Thank you John.

I do expect all to go well. I did not conduct any torque or drag tests but they have a working windmaster on the roof of their shop and it was connected to the battery through the regulator, charge controller,etc and was spinning freely most of the time I was there. And since their office in the shop runs solely from the wind generator system I can only assume that the charging load was present during several hours while I was there. I can add that during a good wind it spins so fast you can't see the props!

But the important point for me, after reading these posts from people who said they couldn't get a battery to charge was to see that it could. And someone said they had done the drill press test without success.

Also, they are offering 3 different prop sizes that I guess are to address any situation.


Posted by Rich Parker on Feb 8, 2008 02:36 pm

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What I found At Freetricity

Hello, my name is Rich Parker and I was interested in the Freetricity opportunity until I found these questions of their product here.

I called and spoke to Carl and told him of my concerns and asked if I could come out to California to see and test the products for myself. The only condition I set was that I wanted to see first hand while I was there the battery charging capabilities of both the 1200 Watt E2D system and the Windmaster 12 volt dc system in a controlled setting.

He accepted and I went out for two days and these are the results:

1) The 1200 watt E2D system generator was in a drill press when I arrived and the deep cycle battery was reading 10.5 volts on my meter.

The 1200 watt system has five components: The wind generator. A 15.5 volt regulator. A Xantrex C-35 charge controller a modified sine wave 1200 watt inverter and a deep cycle battery.

We turned on the drill press on at 12 noon to 600 rpms (as best I could calculate is around 10 - 12 mph wind speed).

It puts out that regulated 15.5 volts easily and I read 14.5 amps going into the battery.

At 5:15 pm the battery was charged fully and reading 12.86 volts.

This was well within their claim of 3 -5 hours of wind needed to charge the battery.

2) The 12 volt Windmaster generator (much larger) was in another drill press and we turned that one on at 12 noon also and at the same 600rpms.

The 12 volt Windmaster has the same five components as the 1200 listed above the only difference is the generator itself (and the props are bigger but they were not involved in this testing) is larger and has four output options.

It puts out that regulated 15.5 volts easily but this unit delivers 31.5 amps at that 600 rpms.

At 3:15 pm the battery (that had started at 10.35 volts) was fully charged at 12.78 volts.

All readings were read going into the battery.

Again, this product delivered exactly what’s advertised.

I have to admit I had a great visit and thought the staff of Carl, Linda, Morgan and Ceaser to be very professional and accommodating so, I signed up to be their El Paso area distributor.

My website arenewableoption dot com will be up and running soon.

If you are interested in Freetricity’s opportunity and have read these posts do what I did … go out and see for yourself!



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