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Posted by Kurt Sonnenburg on Jun 30, 2012 11:03 am

#1 -  Renewable Energy > For Sale > Trace Engineering SW4024 and (2) Trace T240's FOR SALE
I have a Trace SW4024 and Two T240 conversion modules
Used one of the T240's for a generator connection, one for house power conversion.

I used the system for my whole house battery backup system with generator tie-in.  Moved to a different house and have been sitting in the box for years.  Doing some house cleaning.

I have the Owner's manual/Installation manual.  SW4024 has the heat/temperature cord monitor.

Let me know if you are interested, have questions.

[email protected]

Trace Engineering SW 4024 Solar Inverter. 4000 watt, 24 volt DC solar inverter with built in battery charger. This unit is designed for an off grid solar system and has a charger built in to charge a battery bank from the grid, if available, or a generator, as well as the charge controller from the solar array and/or wind generator if applicable.

I also have Two Trace T-240 phase converter (conversion module with disconnect) that will work in tandem with this inverter to turn 25amps. 120VAC into 240VAC to run a load such as a well pump or generator.

Features and General Information

•Adjustable search mode can reduce idle power to 1 watt
•Current compensated, adjustable low battery cut-out voltages and high battery cut-out protection.
•Protection circuitry guards against over-current, short circuit, over temp, low battery and high battery conditions.
•Battery charger design allows the use of smaller back up generators at high efficiencies.
•Durable construction for long life under extreme environmental conditions.
•Three-stage battery charging (bulk, absorption, and float) with remote temperature sensor for increased performance.
•Fully programmable operation
•on-board computer with a built-in Programmable control module with LCD display and LED indicators.
•system monitoring of both DC and AC input and output
•full integration with the grid for back-up
•Built in starting control circuits for two and three wire generator starting systems
•Low idle current (less than 1 watt) conserves energy when no loads are present.
•Soft start capability for starting heavy loads.
•Islanding protection prevents inverter-generated power from back feeding to the utility during blackout conditions.
•Three stage, temp. compensated, adjustable, battery charger, with remote temperature probe to maximize battery life.
•Utility grade, sine wave power

Expandable & Flexible
•Series stacking capability for 120/240 VAC operation (optional equipment is required).
•Parallel stacking capability for greater output at the same voltage (optional equipment is required).
•Three phase configurations available in a Power Module system for industrial quality power in remote locations (optional equipment is required and only available on 48 volt models).


Off Grid: Widely used throughout the world as a primary source of AC electricity, the SW offers sine wave,utility grade output power, high capacity battery charger, high surge current ability (inrush current), and easy installation.

Grid Tie: The SW converts energy from multiple renewable energy sources, such as generator, solar, wind, and microhydro, into AC power, selling power you don't use back to the utility.

Backup Power: When the utility fails, the SW Series instantly supplies AC power to critical loads.When utility power returns, it can automatically recharge your batteries in preparation for the next power interruption.

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