High Output 12Vdc LED arrays for sale.

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Feb 19, 2007 11:10 pm
High Output 12Vdc LED arrays for sale.

I just finished installing a bunch of LED lighting in my home which run off of my 12V PV system. I have been experimenting with different types of white LED indoor lighting for over the past 5 years and have tried many different types of LED's. These Lights that I have made are based on the Luxeon line of 1 watt power LED's. They do not produce the blueish light like you may have seen in other LED lights or flashlights. Each light block is made up of 3 Luxeon LED's on a black heat sink. Each light block is tuned for roughly 400ma when ran of a 12V source and 1.5 ohms of wire resistance. They can be ran up to as high as 500ma but may get quite warm. They are more efficient at lower drive currents which makes then scale down nicely. I can set the whole house to a low power nite light mode and still be able to see when I get up in the middle of the night while only drawing 1 watt for the entire house. In the past I have used a series of switches to switch in different resistors to change the light intensity. That worked well for many years but I am now using a more sophisticated PWM controller to vary the duty cycle of the lights in order to dim them. If you are interested in a PWM driver I can see about putting a few more of them together. See links for pictures of my setup.


 I have parts and supplies left over to make several dozen more light blocks. So I thought I would see if anyone here would be interested. I would like to get $30 a piece or 4 light blocks for $100. I am not sure what shipping will be so I will say $5 flat shipping within the continental US.
Contact bryson79 at yahoo . com
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Feb 22, 2007 10:18 am
Re: High Output 12Vdc LED arrays for sale.

Hi Bryson;
  Sounds like a good system.  I've been very impressed by how 'usable' the light from a couple white LED's can be.  I've built myself and my wife various flashlights, and when getting around in the dark, even one LED bounced off the ceiling is plenty for navigation.  Works well enough for reading in a tent, too.. Got through the Lord of the Rings on mostly white LED light, (Gandalf white, not Sarumon white)

  I have built some under-counter lights with strings of LEDs from the SuperBrightLED website, and to rebalance the color, I have run two strips (12leds, 12 inches long, 12vdc) of yellows alongside two strips of whites, and I get a very nice 'Warm White' color balance.  Haven't read the current draw from them yet, but I plan to PWM them, as you did.  I haven't played with the Luxeons, yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

Best of luck with your spares.  (My setup prob. cost about the same, so I'm not trying to undercut your offer..  we'll be seeing a lot of LED's in our homes soon!)

Bob Fiske
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Feb 24, 2007 07:11 am
Re: High Output 12Vdc LED arrays for sale.

ps Bryson;
  Sorry, I didn't get to this link from where I could see that it is specifically a Sellers area.  It was just on the 'Recent Posts' list and I thought it was on a general discussion forum.

Bob Fiske

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