Components needed for a drip irrigation system

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Aug 3, 2006 11:37 pm
Components needed for a drip irrigation system

I have 200 pecan trees on a drip irrgation system currently powered with gas pumps.  The water comes from a river about 30' below the orchard and about 800 feet to the most distant tree.  I currently pump to a holding tank about 150' from the river and then pump from the holding tank to the trees.  I would like to be able to deliver a minimum of 60 gallons/tree/day--12000 gallons in an 8 hour day.  Since the main water line goes down the middle of the orchard the longest path the water has to travel from the holding pond is 650'.  Can wind or solar power provide the necessary energy to do this job and what components would be needed.  I live in central Texas and have 5-10 mph winds about 140 days out of spring and summer and well over 240 sunny days/ year. Could one pump handle the job from the river or should I stick with a two pump system? I will monitor for replies. What if I reduced my need to 8000 gallons/day?
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Aug 5, 2006 02:36 am
Re: Components needed for a drip irrigation system


Dankoff pumps makes various pump lines, and a number of models with in each pump line. Based on what you have said, I would look at their Suncentric pumps. An Example is:

I would attempt to do it with a direct connection to a PV array. That will be the least expensive.

However, because your system works on emitters at x gph your 8 hour pumping time may be fixed and it may mandate batteries. With batteries, you could also build in a reserve of 2-3 days pumping, if desired.

Another key point would be the minimum psi required by the emitters and the height of the highest emitter above the water.

Also, what months do you need to irrigate ?  If you have to irrigate in the October-Feb period, you may have to upsize the PV array.

With that data, they can start sizing a system out for you.
From the looks of it, you might get by with one pump directly from the river.

If you ran new piping for the solar pump and Tee it in some place just down stream of the gas driven pump from the tank (installing valves in both lines, just in front of the Tee), you could keep the gas driven system in place for back up on cloudy days.  Or, If you can only get 6 hours of pumping from the solar system, you might be able to switch over for the final two hours of pumping.

I would write an e-mail to the sales staff here at the Alt-E-Store, giving them the info you told us, the info that I pointed out, and ask for their recommendation and cost for a system.


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