"Off Grid" refrigeration

Apr 14, 2006 11:11 am
"Off Grid" refrigeration

Recently I purchased an EZ-Freeze 19 cubic foot refeigerator/freezer. Here is some of the math that led to our decision.

Danby - 7.8 cu.ft. - consumes 2.11 gals. of LP per 7 days. Price $867.41 each.

EZ-Freeze - 19 cu.ft - consumes 1.7 gals. of LP per 7 days. Price $2199.00 each.

Price per cu.ft. -
Danby $111.21
EZ-Freeze $115.74

It would take 2.44 Danby's to make 1 EZ-Freeze.
LP consumption with that many Danby's would be 5 gals. in 7 days. We did not have the space for 2 Danby's to sit side by side. Obviously a low voltage dc R/F would eleminate LP usage all together, but thats beside the point. Not much room left on the roof for more PV modules.
I have not done the math on how many trips to the store will be saved by having larger capacity but with gasoline at $2.75+ a gal. I am sure there is a little something worth while in that.
I realize that not everyone would have the need for so much R/F space. We do and I am sure that someone else may as well.
I like the fact that this EZ-Freeze 19 has features such as thermostatically controlled flame. When no one is at home or over night the flame reduces, then when the door gets opened it will increase. Another feature is when the doors close a vacuum occurs. Oh! and the freezer has a speacial shelf that will freeze 4 ice trays in just about an hour which means no more buying bags of ice to keep up with demand in the summer months.
Some of the things I do not like are that it is proving difficult to seal the rear of the EZ-Freeze off from the inside of the house while letting the heat and exhuast move freely to the outside, much like the R/F do in motorhomes and such. Another thing is that the EZ-Freeze comes with an light but it is powered by 4, D size dry cell batteries at 6 volts. I will have to get a voltage converter for that.
Thats about it. If anyone is interested just do a search for EZ Freeze 19 or you can go to:


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