no one responding to my email

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Jan 12, 2001 07:31 pm
no one responding to my email

     Well, ill post my questions here as I did not get
     a response from my email.


     Im interested in purchasing the Economy Intertie 2500W System and have a
     few questions.

     1. Do you know how the pv modules can be attached to a clay tile roof?

     2. The Trace ST2500 inverter is tied to the grid. What happens when the
     grid goes offline?

     3. If the grid goes down/offline during daylight, the home will still be
     able to run off the PV panels correct?

     4. Im also interested in supplementing the PV Panels with a small wind
     generator, do you know if this can be connected to the Trace Inverter as
     well? How quiet/loud is the 403?

     5. What would shipping run to Zip 95136, CA for this package and the
     Southwest Windpower AIR403 12V Marine. Should I just submit the order for
     an estimate?

     6. Im a fairly good do-it-yourself type of person. Can one install his/her
     own system? I know I would have to get an electrician for the inverter.

     7. What is your professional opinion on the Photowatt PW1000 modules?

     also..I plan to submit the California Buy-Down Program. Do I or YOU need to apply for this?

Jan 12, 2001 11:36 pm
Re: no one responding to my email

Yes, the roof mounts can be installed on a clay tile roof but I need to verify what, if any, modifications need to me made to the standard mount and I will have to let you know about that on Monday.

Our utility intertie systems do not accept batteries at all. They are meant to create power for immediate consumption that is either used by the resident or sold to the utility company by turning your utiliyt meter backwards. If the grid goes down so does your system and the PV's will not power your home even if the sun is out because they have no storage capabilities. The inverter needs the signal from the utility to operate so that it has a signal to match and feed to your appliances and thatis also the safety mechanism so that no power is fed back onto a grid section that the utilit company thinks is out.

If you want to have battery back-up and to feed excess power back into the grid you can use the Trace SW series like the SW2512, SW4024, SW4048 or SW5548. This type of system is quite different from our utility intertie kits - in fact the only component they really share are the solar panels and racks. In this type of system the PV's charge the batteries which your loads run off and if they are full and your loads are all taken care of,  any extra electricity is fed back to the grid. It isn't as efficient as the SunTie inverter since it is doing more things but it does allow for battery storage. You can use a wind generator as back-up in this system since it just charges your batteries like the PV's but you can't feed a wind generator directly into the SunTie inverter. If you want to see what a system like this contains & costs let me know and I can put something together in the same size range as the Economy Intertie kit. You can also check out the "Average Home Kit" in our Kits 2 Go section which uses one of the SW Inverters and storage batteries. It may not be the exact size for you but it will give you an idea of what is contained in the system.

I can't say whether or not you can install the system yourself. Many states require that it be installed by a licensed electrician so that may make your decision right there. It is helpful to know about electricity and wiring and NEC guidelines and safety. If you do not know these things you may want to hire someone and get it done properly in the first place. Having said that there are lots of handy folks out there who can read a manual and do some research who have installed their own systems with an electricians help.

The Photowatts are a very popular polycrystalline PV module - good quality, good warranty, nice looking. We sell quite a lot of them. You will need the UL listed version for a utility intertie system.

You apply to the CEC to qualify and receive funding from the buydown program but I think you need an invoice or quote from us so we will have to do that once we have figured out what you need.

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Jan 13, 2001 03:00 pm
Re: no one responding to my email

Hi James,
I just wanted to answer your question in regards to shipping cost of an AIR403 to California. It would roughly cost between $25 and $30. And yes, you can certainly just add the AIR403 to your cart and go through the checkout process partially to see the shipping (without having to checkout all the way).


"Making Renewable Do-able" (tm)
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Jan 30, 2001 01:55 pm
Re: no one responding to my email

This seems to be popular subject each year.
You probably go off to a show to learn more about the industry advances.  

I have ordered a charger unit and a 10W solar panel.  The charger unit has arrived, any word when the solar panel will come?

Yep, I emailed with no response.

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Jan 30, 2001 03:01 pm
Re: no one responding to my email

Hi Mark,
I just wanted to reply to your message. First, we apologize that your email was not responded to in a timely manner. Our tech and sales staff has been recently inundated with emails, questions, order follow-ups, and some emails have slipped through the cracks. I have personally asked that your order be checked up upon to see what the status and we will send you out an email shortly.

It is normal for orders of two or more items to not all arrive in one package, as we utilize multiple warehouses throughout the country to optimize getting your order out the soonest.

Kind Regards,

"Making Renewable Do-able" (tm)

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