solar panels

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Aug 7, 2000 08:54 pm
solar panels

Are the photowatt 1000 UL listed? Are any of there panels UL listed?
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Aug 8, 2000 12:36 am
Re: solar panels

There are two versions of the PW1000, the UL listed and the ... well, not UL listed. The Alt-E Store does offer both:

Photowatt 100W Panel, UL Listed

Photowatt PW1000 (100W)

Of course, the UL Listed one costs a bit more.

"Making Renewable Do-able" (tm)
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Aug 13, 2000 11:07 am
Re: solar panels

>There are two versions of the PW1000,
>the UL listed and the ...
>well, not UL listed. The Alt-E
>Store does offer both:
>Photowatt 100W Panel, UL Listed
>Photowatt PW1000 (100W)
>Of course, the UL Listed one costs
>a bit more.
Hello Sascha we have spoken before about my trace 40 controller,ok what is the difference between the panels one is UL listed and the other is not,are they maded different?I really dont care if they are UL or not,but the inspecters do,will they last as long?Can I hear from some one who has the photowatt 1000? GCHandy

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May 9, 2001 11:26 am
Re: solar panels

The main difference between UL listed and not UL listed is the testing they have been put through.  To get an UL listing, devices have to conform to building codes, manufacturing codes, and withstand x amount of equipment specific..related abuse.  How well do they stand overtemperature, how terrible can they be if they DO happen to catch on fire, What kind of electric insulation is on them... stuff like that.

This kind of testing costs money to do, consequently, items that are UL listed tend to be a bit more expensive to cover those costs.  The UL ones might have a different wiring insulation on them, or a different gasket material on the sealing box, or minor stuff like that so that they conform with the standards and CAN get that UL sticker on them.  Then again, the UL ones might be exactly identical to the NON UL ones, just that they have not been 'formally' tested, so can't get the listing.

Quality wise, the UL listed product will be the same, if not slightly better than the non UL products.  Both produce the same power, and have the same warranty on them.  If you are doing some sort of setup requiring building inspectors though, then yep, you will have to spend the little extra cash to keep the inspectors happy.

BTW,I do own 6 of these panels, and love em.



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