Can it be done?

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Jul 31, 2000 02:20 pm
Can it be done?

Is it possible to power a small 5,600 BTU AC window unit using a solar energy system.  If anyone has any comments, please email me.
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Sep 19, 2000 04:58 pm
Re: Can it be done?

There is 3.69 Watts Per BTU.

All things at Max you would need to generate
20,664 Watts. Your best chance to generate that power constantly would require a tracker. By the time you calculate the energy loss for your system and add the inverter and transformer to operate the AC the cost would exceed the pay back so unless you have no other way I would say forget it.

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Oct 4, 2000 02:22 pm
Re: Can it be done?

We have a 5000 btu unit in our bedroom that we use at night for comfortable sleeping (NC hot during the summer).  The unit uses about 2.02 KWH/day (Based on watt hour meter measurement).  2 KWH is possible with solar, but it depends on usage. Bill
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Jan 24, 2002 11:32 pm
Re: Can it be done? YES

You need to look at the start up amperage and the running amperage of the AC unit. An Inverter and Battery bank properly sized would be needed to maintain the unit during cloudy periods so the compressor would not be burned out with frequent restarts.
Yes it is possible... It will be expensive.
A better alternative would be solar refrigeration tech at this time. Once PV prices drop it may be more economical and practical If money is no object then go for it.

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Jan 25, 2002 09:29 pm
Re: Can it be done?

I'm sorry Jorge, but you have picked the worst item to solarize. I use 600kWH in the winter and 1300kWH in the summer. I almost don't have enough roof space to power just my Air Conditioner with solar panels. My next home will be one where the main living space is mostly the basement. That would free up enough kWH so a roof with solar panels would be adequate. For now, I changed EACH light to compact fluorescent to save 80% of the "light bill". See
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Jan 16, 2004 05:27 pm
Re: Can it be done?

>Is it possible to power a small
>5,600 BTU AC window unit using
>a solar energy system.  If
>anyone has any comments, please email

It can be done! You win the state lottery and buy the panels.

a real answer is can you use wind? a wind generater will give you plenty of amps far cheaper then solar panels.

Or, sell the air unit and buy a swamp cooler which can be run on a couple of panels.


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