Simple questions for my RV solar setup:

Jun 23, 2014 04:08 pm
Simple questions for my RV solar setup:

I'm not sure if the panel I want is compatible with my batteries or mainly with the charge controller I already got.

The panel is 327W and VOC 64.9V. My charge controller says the maximum open circuit voltage is 48V.

I want this panel because it's super efficient and light weight.

I have two AGM group 24 batteries, I think they're only 50Ah each or something. Not sure, they're aren't labeled.

Can this panel work with my controller and batteries or is the voltage too high for the controller? Or both?

If I just need a better controller, any recommendations? If I can get this panel, I will eventually have just under 500W total eventually. The other panel will probably be something more normal like 150W and VOC ~30...

Charge controller: (

Solar Panel: (
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Jun 26, 2014 02:57 pm
Re: Simple questions for my RV solar setup:

Brandon, normally you should not mix voltages when connecting different types of panels. The spec sheet on that panel shows a Vmp around 54 volts and a normal operating range of 85% so you may be able to use your existing controller that is rated for 48 volts. Just make sure it has fuse protection just in case.
 You can purchase another controller for the new panel and keep the old controller for your older panel and hook each controller to the batteries, (on opposite ends). This would give you some redundancy should anything happen to either controller.
 Alte should have anything you need and I am sure someone here can help you with any of your needs if you are not sure of the products you have specified.
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Jul 9, 2014 04:46 pm
Re: Simple questions for my RV solar setup:

Hi Brandon,
If the max Voc of your controller is 48V and the Voc of the panel is 64.9V, then it likely is not compatible and the panel would likely fry the controller at some point. That point is usually with the first light in the AM when the panel suddenly hits voltage and the controller engages (this depends on what technology the controller uses).

You'll want to use an MPPT charge controller that will take the high operating input voltage of your panel and efficiently brings it down to the voltage of your battery bank. Depending on the voltage of your battery bank there are a couple of options for controllers. Here are few example options:


Midnite Solar Class 150 Charge controller:

or the lite version of that controller:

Xantrex (Schneider) MPPT Controller:

Morningtart MPPT-30 Solar Charge Controller:

And if all else fails feel free to give our technical sales staff a call toll free at 877.878.4060 to appropriately size a solar charge controller to meet your needs.

Hope that helps!

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