System design advice.

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Feb 12, 2013 02:55 pm
System design advice.

System design for off grid home.

Equipment for power creation is already owned.
3 Solarworld Panels Model# Sunmodule SW 220 Poly (24v, 220W, 7.54A)
Champion Generator Model# 41532 (7000 Running watts)
Midnite Solar MNPV3 Combiner box with Delta LA 302 and 3 Midnite solar 15A din breakers.

To finish the system plan on purchasing
Charge controller - TriStar-45 + temp + Meter
Inverter - Xantrex TR 1524 + Temp
DC Disconnect - Midnite solar MNDC 125 + Delta LA 302
Batteries - Trojan T-105 RE 6v (4 in series for 24V @ 225AH)
Ac load center - Square D
Dc load center - Square D

Panels are located 40’ from future power center (plan on 4 AWG THHN copper in conduit).  Wiring panels in parallel for 24v @ 24a.  Generator is located by solar panels, would like to run extension cord (will be stored when not used) from generator to Inverter/Charger.  Plan on using reliance controls (PC3040 L14-30) extension cord and using (Conntek YL 1430520) Y adapter to act as a auto transformer splitting the two hot leads to 120v single phase before running into house @ 20A to the inverter/charger.  I believe the generator has floating neutral and I can bond ac neutral and ground in Square D AC load center after running through the Xantrex.  Bad idea?
First questions are…
Plan to ground generator frame to 8’ rod by panels.  Can I use generator power to drive rod (before wiring rod to generator) with a hammer drill.  Sounds unsafe but I see no reason that it would be.
Can the panel frame grounds leaving the combiner box share the AC generators ground rod?  Don’t want to charge the panel frames up if the generator goes to ground.  The 15A 150vdc breakers in the combiner box might throw or the lightning arrestor would prevent down stream problems?  I don’t want to assume anything and am not sure what to do here.  Either drive a AC and DC grounding rod at the power creation area or run PV ground with the PV + and PV- to the DC disconnect?  What AWG ground wire and should it be inside or outside the conduit? I have a mole problem.
Plan on driving 2 separate grounding rods by house power center for AC and DC.  Is this a bad idea?
I am still a little confused on if I can throw Midnite solar din mount 15A 150vdc breakers under PV load without risk of arcing. 

Any advice would be appreciated. 
Thanks Dave

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