Trace PS2512

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Aug 28, 2010 04:49 pm
Trace PS2512

Ok this is an odd question but Ill ask anyways.
I have an old Trace PS2512 inverter that recently took a lightning spike and ate the control board.

Problem is, all the 'new' boards, what few are to be found are the xantrex boards that have the sell to grid feature disabled.  Does anoyone know where I can get one of the older boards with the old rom that supports sell to grid.  Or know where I can get the rom's at possibly?  Or how I can put this programming back in it.   Yes yes I know the history behind it and about the UL listing, I work for a power company and know the ramifications of using the thing.

Trace was bought out by Xantrex, and a few years ago the engineers at Xantrex told me this would be no problem to just request one from them, but now that Xantrex has been bought out by Schneider electric, it seems all that stuff is lost.

I really hate to get rid of a good inverter just because of a stupid board that you can't find the parts for anymore.  One idea I was toying with is putting the rom's from the old board into a newer board, and praying the roms didnt take the hit either, but that still leaves me with trying to clone another set of them.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

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