Need help with RV charging system

Jun 10, 2010 11:27 pm
Need help with RV charging system

I keep my RV in a building without any power.  I'd like to build a solar system that would consist of a single panel (40 to 80 watts?) that I could mount on the building most of the time and then, when I travel, I could dismount the panel and take it with me.  The sole purpose of the system will be to keep the RV batteries charged.
Can anyone help me choose a panel, charge controller, mounting system, wires, etc?
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Jun 12, 2010 07:29 am
Re: Need help with RV charging system

Not much activity on this board it seems.  I have a question possted about an RV kit but haven't gotten any response.  A friend who is experienced in installing and designing PV systems suggested altE as a good source for components.  I'm trying a pre-bundled kit.  Good luck.
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Jun 13, 2010 11:21 pm
Re: Need help with RV charging system

 hey guys,

 sounds like both of you are looking at the same type of system.

 could be that the lack of responses is due to the rest of us being jealous over having not having a fun RV of our own!

 tim, had a look at that packaged kit..looks like a good option. at first blush it may sound a bit high but the balance of system (BOS) components really add up..

 william, your up to about the same as tim but looking a bit smaller. definitely doable and 40-80 watts of pv can do some real charging on a bank of batteries while the rv is not in use. if used boondocking (is that the right word) a 60 watt module might get you 2 hours of TV a day or so. (60 watt x 5 peak sun hours = 300 watthours. TV at 150 watts on two hours..just guesses here)..have you looked at any of the components at all. any preferences? are your expectations in line with the above scenario?

 if there is one bit of advice that might be helpful it's try to have a "good" sized battery bank for what your needs are. in this case i believe bigger is better if you have the room.

 also think it's a good idea to work up a "loads" list. really helps to get a perspective on power use.

 also. also we want to keep in mind if we are using dc power or plan to invert (change to ac power) for any or all of our uses.

 could be helpful to have a look at some of the other rv/solar discussions we have had on the board. there is a tiny search box up top on the right (really too small for folks to see) type in "rv solar" or "camper solar" for a look.

 happy to come back with some reccommendations if your still game. perhaps we can get some of the rest of the gang to input their thoughts as well. this time of year lots of folks are busy outside and let the computer have a rest..or it's that jealously thing!!

 hopefully we don't get any "drive bys" LOL

 trying to stay on topic, dave
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Jun 21, 2010 03:32 pm
OP: straight answer 4 ya

considering that you stated:
 "The sole purpose of the system will be to keep the RV batteries charged."

If this storefront dosen't carry a simple solar trickle charger that would help keep a FULL battery powered up
you may find what ya need with a google search.
 For about $150 you should be able to grab a bigger panel/converter solution - ( northern tools online/eBay/Sams Club are places that carry a 1 box solution-

~ to post here you would be required to LOWER the security settings for your IE browser....that may scare off some of the repliers !!
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Jun 22, 2010 09:43 am
Re: OP: straight answer 4 ya

~ to post here you would be required to LOWER the security settings for your IE browser....that may scare off some of the repliers !!
What version of IE are you using, and what did you have to lower your security to? I've seen no issues posting using the default security settings (Medium-High) in IE, but it's possible something has been missed.
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Jun 22, 2010 10:12 am
Re: Need help with RV charging system

HiYa Chris,
I am using the IE8, all up to date. To establish an account for posting I needed to drop them only to the Medium setting,and everything went smoothe.
With the Comodo Dragon Version of Google Chrome & Opera as well I was informed the PC was not accepting cookies & needed to 'drop those settings'; I switched back over to IE-reset to medium, set the account-posted & pushed my security back up to MedHigh(the standard setting I use).
For me, that isn't an issue; and for any readers after today has passed: it dosen't present a gap in your own pc security to do the same- stay on this site-do your business & just change the setting again as you leave.
Interesting, after seeing your reply I logged in, & without needing a change! oohh these pcs' can be funny things !!

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