Overheat cutout setting

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May 20, 2010 11:29 am
Overheat cutout setting

I have a direct system which works really well, the KITD-80-52.  It also has an electric backup element, which in Southern California, we rarely use.  However, on the two occasions we have needed it, the backup electric system failed.  It only had to be reset and all was well, but both times I was away on business and the inconvenience is doing nothing to impress my non-carbon-conscious family.
The problem seems to be that the solar collectors heat up the water to over 180F - which is okay since I have all the safety valves in place and a tempering valve on the outlet.  However, when the temperature hits 180 it trips the safety cutout on the backup element - I have no idea because it's sunny and we have plenty of hot water - then we get two cloudy days, my daughter takes a 30 minute shower, I'm out of town, and backup failure = no hot water and a family unwilling to remove a screw on the heater cover and press the red button.  Anyone know how to either disable the overheat cutout without also disabling the thermostat or have it reset automatically?
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May 20, 2010 05:34 pm
Re: Overheat cutout setting

The best way to avoid overheating in the tank is to use the "high limit control" on your differential controller. Set the high limit on the solar controller to at least 10 degrees lower than the high limit on your storage tank. If the tank reaches its temperature limit, the pump will turn off and stop adding heat to the tank. Once the tank temperature has fallen below the high limit the system goes back to normal operation.

Joey - AltE

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