The Swine Flew

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Nov 7, 2009 11:18 am
The Swine Flew

 So...after taking millions (~80) in taxpayer grant money, Evergreen solar decides it is all about the money after all and announces it will pull up stakes and move it's operation to China.

 The Massachusetts taxpayer takes another one on the chin with broken promoses, while slick ad campaigns tout a green company image of honesty and trust.

 Evergreen Solar is now on my list of offshore questionable imports, and we have removed them as a preferred product when working up our systems.

 Hard earned taxpayer dollars have invested in string ribbon with apparently no strings attached..shame on Evergreen.

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Nov 9, 2009 10:37 am
Re: The Swine Flew

David, there is also the taxpayer to blame. Part of the reason they are moving most of the operation is because of the noise levels produced by the facility. (Though they are still going to operate making cells) The neighbors couldn't take it. Another case of "not in my backyard" mentality. Everyone wants to go green and make off like they are totally for it, until it happens in their back yard. Another good example is the Cape wind project. A bunch of tree huggers live in the area but they do not want renewables to ruin their vistas. I have the same problem when installing systems. The "wife" doesn't want it to be seen, is a phrase I hear too many times. The installation has to be asteticly pleasing rather than or irregardless of whether or not the location will degrade or hinder the operation of the system. Everyone is used to having powerlines, telephone poles and the like strung up around the neighborhood. An ugly site if you focus on it, but yet no one complains because it is something they are used to from the time they were born. They don't realize that the same attitude has to be taken with renewables. Education, Education, Education.....
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Dec 22, 2009 04:20 am
Re: The Swine Flew

Ok, so their neighbors hated them for the loud noise they were making. They moved to China because their neighbors complained of noise? Ya, right. Are you sure there isn't another "plus" here beside appeasing the neighbors.
Why not just move to Canada or Mexico. They are a lot closer and will soon be part of the N.A.U. with the U.S.A.
Or maybe they are looking at increasing their profits by way of China's slack environmental laws, as compared to environmental laws in what will become the N.A.U.
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Dec 22, 2009 01:05 pm
Re: The Swine Flew

Thomas Schmidt, yes that was part of the reason, I live a few towns away from both their original site in Billerica and the site they had to build in Ayer, actually Devens, a small, suburb and ex military base and I had access to local news and actual employees views and information. There had been a debate since the beginning before the building was even built. Protest from the beginning. Since Ayer is considered a rural town, they did not want a large industrial type building in their backyard. Then after years of delegation,they let the company build,still being protested by neighbors. After the plant go up and running, noise levels were above their proposed levels. So parts of the operation had to be shut down and performed elsewhere. Growing silicon wafers is noiseless. So this is why they are still growing and producing cells and having their manufacturing and assembly done elsewhere.......So, since they are actually an overseas company who used an american company to build their plant here in the first place, it only makes sense to send their product to a place near them, overseas. Most of their sales are overseas anyway. Just good business sense I guess.......
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Jan 5, 2010 03:26 pm
Re: The Swine Flew

Who cares where they make them?  So long as they are high quality and low priced.  We're all humans.  If something can be manufactured cheaper somewhere else, there's more wealth for everyone as a result.  Global free trade results in the most wealth, best products, and most jobs for everyone.

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