Evergreen Solar Launches New Line of Solar Panels for the Off-Grid Market

Sep 11, 2009 03:56 pm
Evergreen Solar Launches New Line of Solar Panels for the Off-Grid Market

Evergreen Solar Launches New Line of Solar Panels for the Off-Grid Market
Features 80, 120, and 125W panels providing better battery charging capability
than major competitors
Marlboro, Massachusetts (USA), September 11, 2009 – Evergreen Solar, Inc. (Nasdaq: ESLR), a
manufacturer of STRING RIBBON™ solar power products with its proprietary, low-cost silicon
wafer manufacturing technology, today introduced its new ES-C Series solar panels, designed to
substantially expand the company’s offering for the global off-grid market. This new line of 80,
120 and 125 W panels will be manufactured by Evergreen Solar’s contract manufacturing partner,
Jiawei Solarchina Co., Ltd., using cells supplied by Evergreen Solar.
The ES-C Series of panels are suitable for direct 12, 24 or 48V
battery charging in a wide variety of off-grid applications. The
panels provide higher voltages for superior battery charging
performance, particularly in hotter climates. Similar to the
current line of Evergreen Solar panels serving on-grid markets,
the ES-C line of panels deliver more electricity with the least
environmental impact of any silicon based solar panel currently
“The ES-C Series enables Evergreen Solar to capitalize on the
expanding off-grid solar market and further positions the
company as a leader in the global solar industry,” said Dr. Terry
Bailey, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales. “Like all
Evergreen Solar products this product line has been designed
with differentiating performance characteristics to distinguish
them from commodity-like competitors and provides better
battery charging capability than other major brands. At the same
time, we are proud to lead the industry in environmental
credentials with the smallest carbon footprint and the quickest
energy payback of any silicon-based panel available today.”
The ES-C Series panels are constructed with conduit-ready, multi-configuration junction boxes for
easy, flexible installation. The panel’s double-walled, high-strength frame allows it to withstand
the harshest of wind or snow conditions. The panels are also designed to fully comply with UL
1703 (for U.S. and Canada) and IEC standards (approval pending) and carry with them a five-year
workmanship and 25-year power warranty. Evergreen is accepting orders now for initial
shipments beginning in October. For more information visit www.evergreensolar.com/ES-C
About Evergreen Solar, Inc.
Evergreen Solar, Inc. develops, manufactures and markets String Ribbon™ solar power products
using its proprietary, low-cost silicon wafer technology. The Company's patented wafer
manufacturing technology uses significantly less polysilicon than conventional processes.
Evergreen Solar's products provide reliable and environmentally clean electric power for
residential and commercial applications globally. For more information about the Company, please
visit www.evergreensolar.com. Evergreen Solar® and String Ribbon™ are trademarks of
Evergreen Solar, Inc.
About Jiawei Solarchina Co., Ltd. Inc.
Jiawei Solarchina Co., Ltd. is a fully integrated manufacturer of solar products serving OEM and
ODM customers around the world, including SunPower Corporation. Jiawei offers its global
customers high-performance solar products for a broad range of applications including residential
and commercial end-users for off-grid and on-grid applications. Jiawei Solar is dedicated to
providing its world-class customer base with innovation, manufacturing excellence and superior
product quality. For more information about Jiawei Solar, please visit www.solarchina.com.hk.
Contacts: Media:
Chris Lawson Jim Connelly
Director Marketing Communications Account Supervisor
Evergreen Solar, Inc. Elevate Communications
508-251-3214 617-861-3654
clawson @ evergreensolar.com jconnelly @ elevatecom.com
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Sep 12, 2009 06:56 pm
Re: Evergreen Solar Launches New Line of Solar Panels for the Off-Grid Market

 thanks for that press release james,

 good to see some of the manufactures going back to j boxes and conduit. we all know the systems going in today with the mc cables will never make it to the 20-30-even 50 years! expected life of the module. don't we?

 sad to see them being made in china. but why make a million dollars when you can make two. could it be they can't find a willing workforce? lots of folks looking for work here at "home"!

my 2 cents.

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