Looking for information

Aug 3, 2009 12:08 am
Looking for information

I am the director of a local Humane Society and would like some input on how to make the shelter as green as possible.  I would love to be off grid, but with computers, lights, bathing animals, electric grooming clippers, etc... I just am not sure how to proceed.  I also will have to consider the animal waste (cat litter, dog poop, small animal litter).  There is a cat litter box I have found that connects to the toilet and will automatically flush the litter box every hour... but it is extremely expensive and impractical for use in single cat cages.  Would be great in a community cat room...
If anyone has any ideas for me, please email.
animalwelfareservices @ hotmail.com (remove space)

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Aug 3, 2009 09:57 am
Re: Looking for information

Priscilla, if you are looking to use PV for offsetting or total electrical use, figure out how much power you need and for how long you need it. You can find calculators for this here on this site as well as other sites. Use DC lighting,eg. LED's, and appliances whenever possible. Then maybe you can invest in a small PV system with a couple of batteries and a small inverter to cover your needs.
 A small solar hot water system may be all you need to supply hot water for bathing and this can be done cheaply depending on your location. (Freezing weather or not).     
You should also consider rainwater collection for cleaning cages and shelter areas. Adding straw for bedding may also help in clean up and can be used in compost after use.
Aug 3, 2009 07:26 pm
Re: Looking for information

I would assume that you have read this already but just in case, here it is anyway.
Conservation is the first place to start in my opinion. Reduce what is used and reuse if possible. Use of non toxic renewables of any kind is good.

This magazine goes way back to the early 70's and the Eco movement and back to the land movement. Back before "going green" was a profitable business. There is tons of good howto info in the archives.
I took the liberty of doing a search using "taking care of cats and dogs" and this was at the top of their list.
#14 might be a bit of a, "kick in the head" for you though.

If PV is a serious option for you its always best to have your specific site evaluated by a professional.

If you want to kick around some numbers yourself, start with the shelters monthly electric bill. For example: if the shelter consumes 1,000 kilowatthours per month then divide that by 30 days and that would be 33.33 kWh's per day. If the shelter is in an area that sees a daily number of hours, of equivalent full rated power from a PV module, averaged out over a year of 6 hours, then it would take a PV array of no less than 5.5 kilowatts in size.
Its self explanatory.

Others ideas.
Supposedly this next place is solar powered but I could not find any pics of that. http://www.sanjoseanimals.com/ Surprisingly, San Jose sees an average of 5 to 6 hours of equivalent full rated power from a PV module with a "Flat Plate Tilted South at Latitude."

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