Chef Boyardee

Apr 22, 2008 04:50 am
Chef Boyardee

Chances are a lot of you have heard of that name before.
What I would like to know is the name of the guy or gal that had the idea to grind the meat and fat of a hog, stuff that into its intestinal tube, then hang that up in a cool, dark, and dry place until it grew a little mold, then cleaned the mold off and fryed it up in a cast iron pan. This person was a genius.
Sounds gross when put this way but for those of you who have eaten cured pork sausage fryed you know what I am talking about. Even more of you have experienced cured ham. Same principal. Smoked beef. The list goes on. When you cannot get fresh vegtables, do you get them from a jar or a can?
Now ask me, "what does any of this have to do with renewable energies?"
Just because we are alive today on this planet doesn't mean we are the only ones that have ever lived on this planet. We can learn a lot about living on this planet from those that lived here before us.

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