Converting to AC from Wind Generator

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Nov 24, 2007 11:21 pm
Converting to AC from Wind Generator

I am new to this site and off-grid hybrid systems.  I have an Air-X 400W 12 volt wind generator that I will have about 300 feet from my cabin and battery bank.  Running the 12 volts that far would require expensive heavy gage wire to reduce the voltage drop. I am planning on having one battery near the tower base with a voltage sensitive relay to turn on and off an inverter that will convert 12V DC to 120V AC to power a charger for my battery bank at the cabin. The relay will cut off the inverter at 12.8 volts and turn it on at 13.7 volts therefore only charging my main battery bank when the generator is charging the battery at the tower.   Does anyone see a problem with this approach other than the power cost of the inverter?

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Nov 25, 2007 01:14 am
Re: Converting to AC from Wind Generator

Hi Randall.  Perhaps I am missing something here, but as I understand it, you are planning on using an inverter to convert the 12vDC to 120AC in order to use smaller wire gauge and reduce your IR losses on the 300 foot run.  Wouldn't a heavier wire gauge be cheaper than a separate inverter to accomplish this?  It seems to me that the inverter would be better used at the main battery bank to supply your cabin with AC power. (there is also a loss of efficiency through the inverter which would detract from your power transfer)
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Nov 30, 2007 05:29 pm
Re: Converting to AC from Wind Generator

Yes, Randy, getting the right size wires are important. The smaller the wires, the more electricity lossed. It's the Ohms, the rate of which electricity is lossed.

I have a AirX 24 volt, which allows me to use smaller wires. In the manual, it said I should use a minimum of a AWG #12 wire. The higher the AWG number the thicker the cable, but also the more expensive. I got 60 ft of it in Red, Green, and Black. I got the 3 because of the Lightning Arrestor, which is a Must.

300 feet away from your cabin? I'd doubt you would get enough electricity to power a LED lamp with that. Being cautious about the turbulance is good, but I would think that's just too far away. I would suggest getting a 50 ft tower and placing that closer to your cabin. I got a 29ft tower from here, but I have seen a 50 ft tower, even a 80 ft tower for the AirX, though they cost a few hundred more. I did my purches at minimum cost but with proper research.

Also, thanx for getting a Wind Generator, they'll be handy when energy prices become too high. I got mine for that and for the coming crash that's going to be like the 1929 depression.

Oh, BTW, your batteries must be protected like put them in a small dog house or hut to protect them from the weather elements. I got the Triplite inverters. I have some adapters I just got today that convert battery to car lighter adapters so I can use the lighter plug. I got 3 inverters, 1 75 watt (not sure brand), 150watt triplite, and a 400watt triplight. I do a lot of research trying to get everything prepared, average wind speed in my area is between 5 and 10mph so I can generate about 50watt to 100watt an hour, taking about 2 or 3 days to fully charge my 35AH. (I couldn't afford those expensive high AH batt but AirX can handle 25AH to 25,000ah). Yep it's pretty expensive and a lot of research and thinking.

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