Hello: Any way to extend the Lighting Arrestor?

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Nov 7, 2007 06:14 pm
Hello: Any way to extend the Lighting Arrestor?

Hello, I bought a Air X 24v wind generator from an auction site, but I just bought a 29" EZ Tower, LA 302 DC Lightning Arrestor, Stop Swithc, Circuit Breaker and Circuit Breaker Boot here.

OK, well the lightning Arrestor on the discription said it's 18", the tower is 29". I was wondering if there is anyway to extend that.

Before I ordered, I called the Tech line, I think the guy was named Ben. I talked to him about the arrestor, because I don't know where it goes on the wind generator. If there is no way to extend, I suppose I could put it on another pole.

I'm a noob at this Wind Generator stuff. I try to do all the research I can, and it's a lot. I bought a Voltage Regulator, which I was sure I was going to need it for the AirX generator, but when I read the manual it said it has one built in. Anyways, I have 2 45 watt solar panels (in 15 watt panels). I have a 12 volt 20AH battery, and 2x 12 volt 8.5AH batteries. I have a 12 volt 5amp volt regulator that handles up to 60amps.

Batties I bought for the AirX Generator are 2x 12 volt 35AH. Finding high copacity batties like that are rare, and the higher the AH (amp hours) the more expensive it is. I figure 2x 35AH could crank out 400 watts. I have an Electric Bike and the voltage is rated at 400watts, and it consits of 3x 12 volt batteries at 10AH, which is just over 400watt when mulitplied.

I didn't know there were batteries here until I ordered, but those are very expensive. I read that the AirX can charge batteries between 25AH and 25,000AH, so I should be good.

Also, to be honest, I'm bought a Wind Generator because of the comming crash, which will be worse than the 1930's depression. So I'll still be able to get around and barter for items with energy. Here in New York we've been in a depression since Nov of 2002 when the President threatened war with Iraq, making cost of living more expensive than San Francisco CA. I am urging my friends and people to come and buy a generator from you guys at Alt Energy because soon it will be too late and the dollar will be worthless.

I also want to thank Alt Energy as they are the only people I've seen that sell Towers for Wind Generators. If someone could answer my question about extending the lightning arrestor that would be great. The other stuff I just wanted to be open about it. I also care deeply about the planet, people, animals, and the environment. youtube profile Lucidtomr
Thanx guys

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